Saturday, February 27, 2010

Descendence (Blog 7)

Ronia had set up a bonfire in the town's square as the gypsies entered Jonas. The troupe set up their stage in the center of the marketplace and begins their performance. With rapt amazement the crowd grows around them, almost the entire town applauded the troupe as they finished. When it is over, the crowd dissipates slowly as if waking. Dex is approached by Eziekiel, the dragon is only told the the town "needs water from the mill" before slipping back into the crowd. Dex informs Ronia and Bron, and after the troupe has left, go below the mill. The vast resivour tanks are all empty, flushed when Descendence first came to Jonas.

They go to the liberary at the keep to research what appears to be a curse the gypsies layed upon the townspeople to draw dark fae daemons. Further research informs them that the halfling preists were purifying water below the mill, the kind which would rid the town of the curse. Taking Karyssa with tham, they return to the mill. Karyssa works a Purification upon the intake pipes to the containers. Unknowingly, the dark fae taints her working causing a sublty different effect. The worked water is given to the Myotis forces first, then the rest of Jonas during morning mass held before true night.

Taul joins them as they search for Darakoth, with the comming night there are still thoughts of him returning. They approach the alcove where his avatar should be, but the alcove is not there. They attempt to break their way through the working with weapons, magic and fae but it is worked by an adept and holds. In the surrounding chamber, small shodow creatures watch the group and their efforts. Bron and Karyssa use their powers in search of Dakaroth, finding him close, and Karyssa is knocked unconcious in retaliation with dark fae.

Ronia and Bron turn a few of the dark creatures into smoke with single hits. Bron's senses locate Dakaroth as the creatures and he wants his avatar. As some of the creatures draw them apart, the majority of them gather below the aclove, then they mass and surge through the Bron-made hole into Dakaroth's Wyrm. Some are destroyed by Bron's Sunstone and Ronia's flaming sword.
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