Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FAQ: Divination

I was once asked:

Add the DoS of the [applicable sage lore] check to the next check or war made by the caster. This spell requires a physical component (or medium).

I have some questions:

1> Is it possible to "chain" divinations, such that the DoS of a successful divination check is added to a divination check on a subsequent turn, etc., until some great gob of bonus is either expended on some other task, or, more likely, tragically wasted when the diviner rolls the inevitable critical failure (DOOOOHH!!!)?

2> Does divination require the expenditure of at least one mana?

3> The description of divination for Aeromancy omits the requirement for the physical component. Is this an oversight, or do Air Elementalists not require them?

1> No and yes. Making a scry check with divination will give you a modifier to the next check or war, so if the next check was another divination you would add the previous modifier (to make a bigger modifier). Multiple divinations from multiple casters are cumulative.

2> Divination is a "use of power", therefore pool must be expended.

3> Correct, Air elementalists do not need a medium, (as they read the air, water elementalists use water).

Hope that helps!

Ricalope, SL.
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