Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unicorn Vomit

Still holding the writhing mage, we fall through into a realm with no up or down.  Streams of color mingle in ways they have no business doing.  It was like swimming through unicorn vomit.  Maggie continued his attack like some misplaced personal vendetta.  This was getting irritating, this guy doesn't even know me.

Without any warning the multicolored discharge around me begins to fade.  The mountain top returns to my vision along with the rest of the band.  Half-seen, Maggie yells and pulls me back in to the technicolor.  I lunge towards the mage, grabbing him with both oid and claws as the colors fade again.

We land on the hard rock of the mountain, he kicks and punches trying to free himself but I hold on.  He gets his leg between us and we separate.  The wolf-si opens up with her pistol, making a crater in his head.  Impossibly, he still stands.  Invoking the purifying necroflame of NekRa, I immolate him where he stands.  The corpse is thrown over zombeast and I keep my eye on it.

A cyclopian gate manifests atop the mountain, that was one hell of an intro.  The fans are screaming their approval and the cult chants.  Beaten and worn, I finish setting up my drums, and play a quick sound check with Rayne's keyboard.  Warmed up, and with the adrenaline still hot, I dive in to producing some metal beats.  Xenos joins in with his guitar and the wolf-si howls and yells on the mic.  Still riled, my oid picks up a second set of sticks.

After the show we ride back down to the ship for the afterparty.  Nemis, an anubii, and Anabeth join me in the hot tub until retiring to the library.  After consecrating the study table, I finally relax and think over the whole episode.

After reading Tzak's log, and watching the band footage, I find it hard to believe that Maggie is dead.  The sorceror has much skill with illusions and dimension-hopping as well as a knack for returning from the dead.  Thinking back, Xenos barely attacked the mage, his self-professed nemesis and seemed far too content with the kill.  Xenos also shows great skill with illusions and summoning.

Rousing the bitches, I seek Xenos out.  He is lounging in the hot tub as I approach him.  With prayers on my lips I question him about who he is, why he's here, and other things.  The blessings I canted should makes his lies transparent.  He answers with the same answers as before, he is Xenos, he was hunting Magtharedon, and so on.  I detect no lies from him, but it does not satisfy my suspicions.

The ship is aimed for what was Russia, northern Asia.  Another gig is set.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 5.5)

The entity sometimes known as Paw Gour had chosen an underground location to call his servant. The twin suns of Dahl struck a cord of harmony with the daemon he found extremely uncomfortable. He waited in the chamber, slightly bemused, until the gate opened and Maltiahs was pulled through. Paw Gour waited for the once-mercenary to shake off the disorientation of planar travel before giving him his instructions. Almost at once, Maltiahs set off upon his metallic legs to Sylba in search of his enemies.

Cilyne did not sleep well, though it was not because of the hotel she was staying in, but because her neighbour was screaming incoherently. Whatever Devo had experienced it was proving to be cataclysmic. When it became sporadic she ordered room service and attempts to help. During the meal Damien calls from somewhere called Golgotha, which he explains is a nexus point on Dahl. They are to meet him there as soon as they can.

They go into the mercantile district of Sylba, where Maltiahs shadows them from the building tops. He watches them exit a store, fawning over freshly bought glasses, and unhooks some small items from his belt. Activating each of them, he begins throwing the grenades around the two. The first plasma explosions begin to detonate as the last of the grenades land between them. Jumping from his perch, he lands near their bodies, and sees that neither of them are moving. From the other side of his belt he removes the zap straps.

They awaken upon tables, each of them clamped hand, foot and wing. They were not out for long, and they both felt the sway of movement. By looking around, they could see that the tables they were bound to were stored in some kind of container, and they were not alone. Paw Gour was speaking to Maltiahs regarding his payment, neither of them paid the prisoners any mind.

Outside the grav-tanker, the Guardians were closing in. Within their integrated cyberscape, nearly fifty Guardians were clearing the area ahead and maintaining a location on the transport. They moved like a tide, while an armed Guardian followed in their wake with an artificial body built to engage targets like the grav-tanker. The driver never saw him coming.

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Transcendence (Blog 10)

The defense turret spits energy bolts at the escapees as they try to climb the service shaft.  The bolts are of the tempest variety, which cause feedback through the nervous system when they hit.  Those hit by bolts are knocked back down to the field.  They fire back which provokes the turret to broaden its shots into blast shots before being blasted apart.

Near the shuttle bay Rock tries to help the unconscious Kith.  Once back to the ship, Felisce updates Rock about the rest of the party.  Once Kith comes to, they use the Tali to hack into the Nova Invisce.  They find the area on lockdown with many more defense points in-between.  With haste, they reverse the lockdown command.

In the service tube the lights come on.  A single line is illuminated from within the wall running the course of the tunnel, as well as green lights above the hatches on each floor.  They climb faster, some using telekinetic flight.  Mikah locates the correct floor for the shuttle bay, still many floors above them.  The sound of rushing air, below them, begins to amplify.  Within seconds the air around them is like a hurricane forcing them back downward.

As they fall, Cypress gates them into dreamscape.

The Tali explodes with activity.  The party dropped off all sensors and telepathic networks.  Craxxx senses the spoor of Cypress' spell and curses.  Felisce orders the ship to depart.  Kith and Rock work to slow the Nova, then exit the shuttle bay.  Once the ship is decelerating on its own, Craxxx sends Kith and Rock into dreamscape to find the others.

Cypress loses control of the dream, and it shifts from his vision to Waker's Cove.  Still wounded and worn from the Nova, Mikah and Cypress try to rest.  As they fall asleep, they promptly disappear.  The rest of the party proceed down the beach towards a set of docks below a lighthouse.  They search the area, finding the river and then the temple.

Cypress and Mikah awake inside the temple's black stone.  Wandering its depths, Mikah loses track of Cypress but finds another traveler.  The blue robed stranger leads her outside to find the others.  Leaving only one behind, they awake on the Tali.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - Slave Camp

The sun sets as the ship skirts the forest's edge.  In the growing dark, a caravan sets camp for the night below circling the wagons and lighting cookfires.  Ta brings the ship into the wind, lowers sails and drops the anchor-stone.  Mosa, in lemur-form, shrouds the ship with illusion.

The rest of the crew is assembled on deck.  With the camp in sight, the slave cages can be seen clearly which agitates the orc and makes the others uneasy.  Ta explains that an associate rides with the slavers below, as a passenger, and he needs to speak with him.  Requesting a bodyguard, the bronze spider slides down the anchor line to the ground.  Only Bezis and the barwench stay aboard.

Grognak wishes to destroy the slavers, and the others are in agreement, so Ta agrees to let them have their way only after the meeting occurs.  Close to the caravan they encounter a strangely-hued humanoid, a passenger travelling a random course.  His name is Phyriz and looking reptilian with scaled skin and green coloring.  The stranger agrees to seek out Ta's associate, who he had seen earlier, and lead him out of the camp.

In the jungle's edge, Mosa follows the group at a distance.  The jungle is dark but filled the smells of wild growth.  She stops as she senses a presence behind her, climbing higher into a tree.  A large shadow slides partway up the trunk and two large yellow eyes regard her from the darkness.  She tells him her purpose here, to stop these slavers.  The massive cat laughs, and slides back into the shadow.

She continues onward through the trees until she spots a tiger in her path.  The cat motions for her to ride, and once the lemur is on its shoulders, bounds through the trees.  Holding on, Mosa begins to see more and more big cats moving through the jungle.  They come to a stop within sight of the caravan, hundreds of feline carnivores circling the slave camp.  Inside the cages, both man and beast become agitated, lashing out and testing their bars.

Phyriz leaves the camp with the twin of Ta.  The two look identical in every way, although the other calls himself Ki.  Ta bids them Ra's favor and the two of them go to the ship.  Grognak, Nicoli and Tesyble approach the slave camp with varied weapons ready.

With the roar of an ancient cat, the feline army charges forward.  The cat's call, a sound of such ancient primal rage, invigorates the party as they push into the wagon circle slightly ahead of the wave of cats.  Within minutes the camp becomes a bloody crater of gore by claw and axe.  Once the killing is done, the cats drag their meals back into the forest.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 05

Bim and I had set our alarm-timers for early the next morning. We awoke early enough to have some breakfast before dawn with enough time to get to the observation car. The felyne woman, Nimra, and the human muse, Emily, joined us to see the apparition.

In the observation car Nimra could detect some type of energy flow, Fae energy, being drawn to the location of the shade's appearance. This Fae energy, she explained, is imprinted by the influences it contacts and could likely be the cause of the 'ghost'. As we discussed, the sun began to rise and the apparition appeared.

Inhaling a deep lungful of smoke, I willed our surroundings to slow. The sounds of the train slowed, the air became very still, and the shadows slowly crept across the car's floor. Nimra was confident that there was a trigger, something that held the memory which was influencing the Fae. She had lost a man, who had died far from her. Within the seat, a hairpin was found, set with a diamond.

Wanting some stickybuns before Rusty lost the use of a kitchen, I proceeded back to the lounge with Cera while the others checked on the package. It seems the elven woman is quite taken by the soundspring, and a sale is made. The train should arrive this evening which will mark the first half of the journey.

Bim and Seth arrive with alarming news. It appears that the gnomish runes on the package have begun to glow. Since neither of them can read the fine language, I start back down the train to investigate.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show, Interrupted

We crested the mountain, a chanting horde of leather and spikes, ready for the end of the world. WTF lead the masses and immediately began to set up, well Kacy and I did. The first song was a sombre intro building into some serious metal rhythms for the first set. At the end of a song I ask the crowd when the end is, Maggie appears, so I rip into some heavy percussion. The guy knows how to make his entrance.

As I pound out my infernal rhythm, something hits me. I keep on the sticks. I didn't realize how hard it was to play in combat, the old band had some mad skills. Maggie is yelling at me and pointing, directing the shadow-thing back towards me. The sounds around me are distorted and warped, then the shadow hits me again and everything goes black.

I wake to see the pilgrims dying in the shadow's fury. Through zombeast, I fire a sonic blast at the shadow which it evades. I again have its full attention and begin to move is Maggie's direction. Calling upon Unkind rites, I heal my bone armour, while my symbiote formed additional protection. Ahead, Maggie was sparring with Xenos, the dragonrider who brought us to this gig, and unaware of my approach.

I have been to many shows, and seen a bunch of other shit, but this was weird. Kacy's music began to warp, things were moving at different times, even the snow was affected. Everything I could see was slower, save Xenos and my target, the snow hung in the air until I was approached, then they would fall.

I slammed into Maggie like a boulder. My oid wrapping itself around him and pinning his arms. He twisted and squirmed, but could not free himself as his other attackers took advantage. Chunks of flesh were removed from his exposed chest as my fists drilled into his face. With his insides on display I could clearly see a lack of vital organs. There was something else happening here, I could feel the doubt sinking in.

With Maggie held, I will my oid to form wings and I fly up and towards the plateau's edge. His body is rigid in my grasp, the other's attacks paralyzing him. Deciding this wont last, I drop to the mountain, using the immobile body to cushion the impact from the fifty meter drop. My oid keeps him wrapped tight, he still lives, so I begin to run to the edge.

Now out of the melee, and past the crowd, it was a straight run to the plateau's edge. He stirs, likely taking in his new predicament. Ahead of me a hole appears, like someone punched through reality. I try to dodge out of the way but it grows larger and we both fall in.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 9)

In the shuttle bay, Kith scavenged the debris for anything that could be used to repair his ship. Felisce took watch as the repairs were underway while Craxxx did his 'techy' thing in the ship. Tali had only taken minor damage to some directional thrusters and braking systems which were repaired withe ease.

Rock awoke at some point in his quarters. He gets no answer next door, where Zyreal's room is supposed to be, but he does find a strange note. Crumpled twice, it seems to be correspondence between the two, which he crumples and leaves behind. Further searching brings him to the lounge and he begins to seek out someone with metaphysic knowledge. He is referred to the library, where he furthers this research. At some point Ida, his delta sim, registers Craxxx's network signal.

In the brig, Kacy finds Zyreal stunned from forcing his way through the forcefield. With Cypress, Mikah, Alias and Zechs, they exit the brig into the hallways. At the crossway ahead a defense laser extends from the ceiling guarding the elevator. It is met by a phase grenade. Deciding that the elevator is not the safest route, they search for a secondary exit.

The search yields two more turrets, one knocking out Mikah. These are met by more grenades. It becomes obvious that the Nova Invicse is attempting to stop them, it said so at the elevator. Zyreal uses his apple-state-trooper to divine the location of an access shaft. The shaft is sealed off by energy fields, which Kacy begins to disassemble. Ahead, the way is defended by another defense turret.

Kith finishes with his repairs and offers to assist his passengers back to the ship. With Craxxx in telepathic contact with Kacy, Kith joins the psychic net and sets out to join them. Not far outside the shuttle bay he runs into a couple of guards and a guard droid who question him. He teleports away and back again, slicing up the guards with the blades on his tentacles. The guard droid fires upon him, knocking him out.

Behind the guard droid, the elevator opens. Rock, who was on his way to the shuttle bay, is presented with the back-view of a guard droid blocking the hall. Using a magnetic charge, he crushes the droid's interior circuitry, killing it.

Transcendence Cast - Dyscathi, Master of Clans

Dyscathi, to many, is a legend. His name is well known in secret organizations, across Asia, and in myth. His influence has been felt in the highest corporate circles as well as the Clan House of Lords. Dyscathi has moved in the shadows of the upper echelon for ages.

He stands at five feet, and looks of Asian descent. He looks old and frail, but carries himself with a lord-like grace. His long black hair is pulled back into a ponytail which reaches his waist. He is mostly seen wearing a deep crimson robe, a black hat, and sandals. His augmentations are hidden subdermally, most notably a sabretooth laser and a shimmer. He is always seen with his bo-staff, the "ugly stick", made from an unidentified black stone.

Dyscathi's story truly begins with Mi, his sire. Mi had selected Dyscathi to join the undying due to his martial prowess sometime during the neolithic age. The first time Dyscathi is noted in history was during the reign of the Scorpion Kings during the creation of the kingdom of Egypt.

He is next noted as being present during the creation of the clans in the far east. During the Perusian conquests, Dyscathi was prominent in many battles leading the wolf clan's troops against the Greeks. After the rise of Alexander he lived with the Khmer and little is known of him.

Dyscathi appears next during the early 1900's when he joins the Order. He oversees much of the clan's interactions with the growing western world. In the early 2000's he meets Bob, and the two forge an easy agreement between Dyscathi's clans, the wolf and panther, and the beginnings of GIS corp. In AW 01, he and Bob found the Celestius Monarchus, a corporate group dedicated to angelic and infernal research and containment.

During the first few years after the Ice, Dyscathi applied himself to researching the newfound powers unleashed by the War. He forged the Path of the Scorched Heart, the way undying can walk in sunlight. His findings regarding the angelic and daemonic hosts are required reading for the new members of the Celestius Monarchus. Along with Bob and Haemoncilus, the newest combat armour was pioneered, leading to the Slayer series.

Dyscathi's current operations run under Clan or GIS authority, which allow him to work undetected by most. His current research is regarding the mask phenomenon, an odd occurrence when a being is held within a mask, as happens with many of the greater angels and daemons. Of his active teams, only two have yielded any applicable results, Transcendence and Ascendence, and have since been merged.

Dyscathi is very wealthy, having accumulated contacts and wealth over centuries, and has a mansion in nearly every city. He is cordial, the very picture of an ancient sensei, his diplomatic abilities only matched by is skill in martial arts. Although he chooses to operate from a distance, he is always calm in battle regardless of the opponent.

Of the other undying he has sired are Teej and Damien, but not many others. Dyscathi endeavors to keep his lineage simple, carefully selecting those who join his blood-family. He keeps his affairs low-key with a preference to subterfuge. With such a long history, he accepts losses graciously and pushes his teams hard with lavish rewards.

The 0ld 0rder - The Magister's Wagon (Part 2)

The Magister continues to hurl dark magic at the invaders. Using Grognak's inert corpse, Nicoli sets the Magister's side of the room on fire. Bezis tries to help the pixie from the hole as the Magister lashes out at him. Surrounded by fire and violence, Grognak begins to rise and faces the Magister. Trapped and running out of power, the Magister summons himself somewhere less threatening.

In the Magister's chamber on the other side of the wall, Tweaks grabs Seneshal's fallen axe. The blessed blade scorches the golem's hands as he runs out of the wagon with it. Mosa summons a rhino into the room with Seneshal to buy time for her search. Now faced with an angry and confused beast, Seneshal returns his axe to him and begins to hack through it.

Tweaks returns to Seneshal's chamber and drags his chest into the hall. Breaking the holding runes, he opens it to find jewels and potions. He upends one of the potions into his mouth-parts and the purifying liquid pours over him. The potion, a cleansing salve of Aten, melts his bronze body into a puddle of bubbling goo.

A desperate search through the larger crates on board progresses. Nicoli finds the legbone in one of the crates in the laboratory and the others work through the burning wall to make an exit. Moments later, they burst through into the night.

Inside, Mosa summons another beast, this time a gorilla, to halt Seneshal. As she leaves the wagon she grabs some of the gems left by Tweaks. Seneshal, bursting with fury, rips through the large ape to find her already gone.

Outside, Ta grabs the beaten form of Grognak as the others follow him back to the ship. The ship is put under sail immediately and distance is put between them and Assyria quickly in the strong night winds. The party rests, and by next day there is no sign of pursuit. Ta pays them all, now one member short, and informs them of their next destination. They are going to the Gobleki Tepe, the most ancient of temples.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch Hollow Stairs

Reaching out quickly, you try to grab the creature with both hands. The branches shift slightly under your weight and, as you hands close around the scaly creature, you slip and fall. Your fall is arrested by vines and you hang there for a moment swinging. The creature in your grasp is almost calm, looking around with its eyestalks and purring softly. Using one hand you haul yourself onto a large branch.

Inspecting the creature, you find that its skin feels like rubber. Beneath the skin you can feel a whirring sensation as it moves quite unlike bones and muscle. The eyes of the creature regard you with glassy impassiveness as they scan around. A second creature, like the one in your hands but a different hue, lands upon a near branch. Then a third, and a fourth, landing just out of reach.

Your fall has taken you deeper into the crown of the tree, all around you is a network of branches forming a hollow. You subconsciously let go of the creature as you take in the grandeur around you. The hollow is large, lighted by scattered pinpricks of sunlight and glows a living amber. The air is crisp and clean with only the faint whisper of a breeze. At the center of the hollow is a naturally formed stair leading down into the great oak.

-Rest a while.
-Go down the stair.
-Try to climb out.
- ?

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Runes Tunnel

Leaning over the hatch you search it for anything that might open it. As your hand traces the engraved rectangle it begins to glow with a bluish light. Pulling your hand away, you see a growing bar of light appear in the center of the rectangle. The bar of light stops and then disappears.

Runes appear in descending bars across the glowing rectangle. There are four of them, each containing a half-circle and a line in different positions. As the runes light up you have the distinct sensation of being watched. Looking around you can see nothing but steel in all directions, the city, tower and flame.

With a determined shrug you press one of the four runes at random.

The rectangle and its runes disappear.

A minute goes by and nothing happens. You reach out and touch the hatch again and the rectangle activates. The runes reappear.

You take a cursory glance around and press a different rune.

The rectangle disappears, and the hatch opens. A humming sound rises out of the hole vibrating the ladder attached to the side. It feels warmer down there compared to the cold of the surface. As you descend you find that the ladder is oddly proportioned, the rungs are too far apart.

The bottom is not far down, and upon reaching the tunnel floor, you hear the hatch slowly closing above you. The tunnel looks to be made of the same metal as the surface, with the walls curving up to the ceiling. One wall of the tunnel looks to be made of pulsating blue light. On closer inspection they are actually metal things, the height of the tunnel, speeding along a blue band of light.

Do you:
-Go towards the city.
-Go towards the tower.

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Lost Desolation Rust

You continue along the stream bed, away from the shambling corpses, up into the mountain. The stream, now a dry path, winds between the stones splitting and joining again in a dizzying maze. You realize that you have become lost in the mountains.

The sun dips below the horizon and the sky turns red and begins to darken. All around you the trees are burnt husks which offer no refuge. After the day's events you grow weary and in much need of rest. You scan the mountainside for a cave or any suitable place to rest a while but see little other than desolation.

Then you spot a red glint of metal a little further up the slope. It is egg-shaped with three legs sprouting from the larger end, one leg has broken off. A large oval hole sits in the side large enough to fit through. The shell is covered with rust but inside sits the leather cushions of a seat.

Do you:

-Take a seat.
-Keep going.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 04

We ate breakfast as the train rolled past Damance Lake in the company of a felyne woman. Seth slept as the rest of us talked about local lore over bacon and hash. Marmite has taken to ale, having a large bowl for breakfast. Afterwards, we went to check on the package and wyndcart. On the way back, we stopped at the observation car.

String music filled the mostly empty car, played by a human girl. Sitting near her, Seth tries to conjure lyrics to her song. His poetry can use much work, but we applaud anyways. Another song begins, and with a lit smoke, I join in as well backing up his bad lyrics. Her instrument, a guitar, is fascinating as I watch her play it. Designs begin to form in my head as I question the design and the matter of acoustics.

Like us, she is leaving the train at Winkerhill Station. She is a young traveling minstrel, still nervous and new to the world. I complement her upon her skill with the guitar and recommend that she try to advance her skills at Winkerbottoms, a college of magic. Much to Seth's approval, she takes to the idea and she is invited to lunch with us in the lounge.

During lunch, I begin to actualize my design, naming it a soundspring. By the end of my double serving of sandwiches I get it to make sounds. After tuning it, the soundspring can be used to make a melody. The strings, six of them, are suspended with the instrument's shell. As a crank is turned the strings are plucked, the faster the crank is turned, the faster the tempo. Keys are fashioned along the neck which apply pressure to different strings which variate the notes. The afternoon provides ample opportunity to begin to learn how to play.

After dining, I retire to my room to build. During the evening I assemble a louder timer alarm for Bim as well as some extra soundsprings and timer alarms to sell at the next station. That night I dream of string music to the sound of the tracks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walk Glass Hatch

You begin to walk towards the city, seeking answers. Traversing across the flat metal, the city seems to stay on the horizon, never getting nearer. The solid metal rings through you steps, dulling your bones and slowing you down. After what feels like hours you spot something.

A glass path was set into the steel surface, curving towards the city. The path is a meter wide, glossy and made with very thick glass. You can see a dark current running beneath the glass running towards the city. The other end arcs towards the tower.

You look around the area, for anything else that wasn't the same unblemished metal you have been walking across. Further ahead, you see a small dome, perhaps a hatch. With renewed steps you go to inspect it.

It is clearly a hatch, for it has a hinge on one side, and it sits near the glass pathway. Made out of the same metal it is set it, it bears no handles or locks, only a rectangle traced onto the surface.

Do you:
-The tower is closer...
-Try to open the hatch.
-Follow the path to the city.

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Amber Waves Ascent

The tower seems to be the nearest, you start walking towards its twinkling lights which can be seen clearly in the darkness. With each step it becomes taller and its base grows wider. It almost seems to grow from the metal landscape with twists and curves in its architecture. Soon other, smaller, towers can be seen rising from the base curving around the main structure. It glistens a dark amber under the stars.

As you approach the base of the tower the metal under your feet becomes progressively warped. It bends back like frozen waves by the rising force of the tower. It reminds you of an uprooted plant with its roots rising into the air. The 'roots' are solid and easily climbable with many hand and foot holds. There is no apparent doors or stairs, that can be seen, but lights do shine in the highest spire.

Using the roots, you pick a path upwards. The climb begins to get steeper and the roots fewer as you rise. It gets harder to breathe in the thinning windless air and the spire still looks impossibly tall. Far below, the metal landscape curves to either side like a chrome moon, the city and the fire the only blemishes.

Close by, you can see an alcove in the roots and you are very tired from the climb. Although, the lights do seem closer, one could press on...

Do you:
-Climb onwards.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.