Sunday, April 8, 2012

Transcendence Cast - Dyscathi, Master of Clans

Dyscathi, to many, is a legend. His name is well known in secret organizations, across Asia, and in myth. His influence has been felt in the highest corporate circles as well as the Clan House of Lords. Dyscathi has moved in the shadows of the upper echelon for ages.

He stands at five feet, and looks of Asian descent. He looks old and frail, but carries himself with a lord-like grace. His long black hair is pulled back into a ponytail which reaches his waist. He is mostly seen wearing a deep crimson robe, a black hat, and sandals. His augmentations are hidden subdermally, most notably a sabretooth laser and a shimmer. He is always seen with his bo-staff, the "ugly stick", made from an unidentified black stone.

Dyscathi's story truly begins with Mi, his sire. Mi had selected Dyscathi to join the undying due to his martial prowess sometime during the neolithic age. The first time Dyscathi is noted in history was during the reign of the Scorpion Kings during the creation of the kingdom of Egypt.

He is next noted as being present during the creation of the clans in the far east. During the Perusian conquests, Dyscathi was prominent in many battles leading the wolf clan's troops against the Greeks. After the rise of Alexander he lived with the Khmer and little is known of him.

Dyscathi appears next during the early 1900's when he joins the Order. He oversees much of the clan's interactions with the growing western world. In the early 2000's he meets Bob, and the two forge an easy agreement between Dyscathi's clans, the wolf and panther, and the beginnings of GIS corp. In AW 01, he and Bob found the Celestius Monarchus, a corporate group dedicated to angelic and infernal research and containment.

During the first few years after the Ice, Dyscathi applied himself to researching the newfound powers unleashed by the War. He forged the Path of the Scorched Heart, the way undying can walk in sunlight. His findings regarding the angelic and daemonic hosts are required reading for the new members of the Celestius Monarchus. Along with Bob and Haemoncilus, the newest combat armour was pioneered, leading to the Slayer series.

Dyscathi's current operations run under Clan or GIS authority, which allow him to work undetected by most. His current research is regarding the mask phenomenon, an odd occurrence when a being is held within a mask, as happens with many of the greater angels and daemons. Of his active teams, only two have yielded any applicable results, Transcendence and Ascendence, and have since been merged.

Dyscathi is very wealthy, having accumulated contacts and wealth over centuries, and has a mansion in nearly every city. He is cordial, the very picture of an ancient sensei, his diplomatic abilities only matched by is skill in martial arts. Although he chooses to operate from a distance, he is always calm in battle regardless of the opponent.

Of the other undying he has sired are Teej and Damien, but not many others. Dyscathi endeavors to keep his lineage simple, carefully selecting those who join his blood-family. He keeps his affairs low-key with a preference to subterfuge. With such a long history, he accepts losses graciously and pushes his teams hard with lavish rewards.
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