Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dammed Festivities

Hope Krampus didn't take you, or yours, this year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

SLAOTD - Concept Books

What is a 'Concept Book'? I recently picked up two new sketchbooks for nWo. With a little pre-planning, these are going to become a Grimore and an Atlas, sourcebooks with art and rules.
How is it set up? The first page is the title page, followed by a table of contents, and at the back, an index is set up. These are left blank, slowly being filled in as pictures are drawn for easy reference. Each picture will be accompanied by rules, description and other pertinent information. Setting runes are used like in Zero Terminus to help organize things.
The Grimore will contain all manner of beasts, adversaries, associates, armour, tools, vehicles and robots. Things and persons who are unique will have their profiles kept up to date, the Grimore will be a 'living' sourcebook. The Atlas will contain all manner of maps and scenery sketches from all over the dominions.
As a SL, these books will be invaluable to illustrate the world the victims live in as well as making me more prepared for encounters and other such stuff. For the victim these will assist in formulating plans, and the Grimore might have some goodies...
I recommend a concept book to all players, regardless of the game you play, sink a little deeper into the realms. Keeping an index will help keep track of what/where immeasurably. And, don't forget, art = xp!

I have a collection of entries from other sketchbooks, I would like to compile these along with entries from other SL's to make a tome of knowledge. Does anyone have some of these?

Until next round, be well.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Monk and the Dervish

nWo is the kind of game that grows continuously. Even as I polish up the Zero Terminus book, new things are created and another book is already planned (a "survival guide"). A couple of these are two new warrior sources; the monk and the dervish.


Specializing in unarmed combat, a monk can use their strength to cause severe wounds and breaks. Often learned in martial arts, they can become a strong asset in hand to hand combat. Many temple caretakers are trained as monks in addition to their responsibilities to the clergy.

Starting Level:
1 knowledge point, 2 weapon use points, +d10 wounds, +1* (unarmed).

Level Advancement:
1 weapon use point, +d10 wounds, +1* (unarmed).


The dancing, weaving, fluid motions of a dervish are easily identifiable and rightly feared. This style of fighting builds up momentum and uses it to make attacks and dodge others. Once in motion, a dervish becomes an increasingly difficult opponent.

Starting Level:
1 knowledge point, +d10 wounds.

Level Advancement:
+d10 wounds.

For each round the victim has been in hand to hand combat add the victim's warrior level to hit and dodge. This bonus only applies in hand to hand combat and will decrease by the victim's warrior level each round not in hand to hand combat.

These sources are allowed in all settings, and have some interesting possibilities. Either of these sources would benefit from the combat discipline or death talent for more hitting power. The monk's bonus can be added to natural weapons (like claws), or think about a dervish with a shimmer....
Until next round, +1 Int.