Saturday, November 16, 2013

Codex Psychosia - Awake

In accord with the prophesy dreamed,
Amid the warring factions and minds,
At Worldstar's point they gather.

They are fewer this time, than last.
Some lost, one fallen, one dreaming.
Relics they bring, from neverplaces.

Angel now fallen and cast out of Iyant,
The Shield of Oceans fused to his arm,
Stands where Ra dies an old man.

The Arbutan Staff begins the helix' bend,
At polar north where dragons hunt,
Where the gate to Noctus is unlocked.

By portent or design, irony or humour,
The cursed Corpus Occuli stands at East,
Borne by nightmare crossed with flesh.

The jewels of life taken from death's shore,
Closes the helix, completing the cycle,
By the hand of faery, may they return.

Doomed to fail, as all things are by fate,
For at the center one who is awake speaks,
And he has died unable to speak the words.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Codex Psychosia - Corpus Occuli

Dead eyes, the Corpus Occuli.

Like many places otherwhere,
Few struggle against many.
At the Worldstar's jagged point,
Where power shatters land.
Unlight stirs He Who Slumbers
Under where reality is torn.

The Awakened, as yet to be,
Venture to man's foul wounding,
And the second seal of John's writ
Shall be broken without thunder.
He Who Slumbers wakes enraged,
Uriel, incomplete and wrathful.

Before the storm of divine fury
One shall fall, and his kin avenge.
Divine form, now lifeless and dead,
Shall be folded inwards, first wings,
Then legs, arms, and lastly his head.
The shard, so sealed, seen as an eye,
Shall complete the means to waken.