Thursday, January 12, 2012

Of Ridden Dragons

Very seldom, a mortal is allowed to be present during the hatching of a dragon, rarely does this mortal become a Dragon Rider. A bond is formed with the hatchling which ties the two together, both mind and soul. It is known that at some point in the Dominions' history Dragon Riders had formed the Draconus Templar which is now only rumored to exist. Most known Dragon Riders exist in the Nightlands, with notable exceptions on both Earth and Sogrum.
A Dragon Rider's strength is the combination of power and knowledge. They can access any of the talents providing they learn the requisite lores. Also, they can draw upon the dragon's well of mana. A Rider's dragon is a "bonded dragon" and is born tied to their Rider. As the Rider progresses, so does the dragon, and the bond intensifies. At maturity, or draccus, the dragon and rider are nearly the same being with a dragon's power and a mortal's ingenuity.

Bonded Dragon
(Dragon Subrace)

Bonded dragons are those which hatched in the presence of the one who was destined to be their Rider. The bond that is formed between the two is immediate and permanent. A Bonded Dragon is affected by the choices of their Rider as much as their own. When a Bonded Dragon reaches maturity (Draccus) their style of breathe weapon is dictated by their Riders skills in magic and faith (mage and priest source).

Stats: d10, Fl Dex

Levels: A bonded dragon gains a level when their Rider purchases one. This level is of the same type as the Rider.

Sources: A bonded dragon has the same sources as their Rider.

Mana Pool: The bonded dragon may share an amount of mana equal to their max pool with their Rider each turn, this is the only way they may spend mana.

Dragon: A bonded dragon gains all of the rules regarding dragons (see Zero Terminus; Book of Races).

Note: A bonded dragon is not a victim race. These are the companions to Dragon Riders (see Zero Terminus; Book of Magic).

Other Power
Heart of Draccus Cost: 6
When a dragon reaches maturity their "essence" can be contained within a diamond-like crystal that grows within them. Disgorging this crystal before final death, the dragon will live on within it. The size of the crystal is based on the dragons CL (base is about 6" diameter, doubling every 5 levels). The crystal has a Stm of double the dragon's and a wound pool equal to the dragon's (at the time of disgorging it). Upon the death of the dragon, the soul is transferred to the crystal retaining Int, Wis, Man and Chr. The dragon's pools (other than wounds), knowledges, wu's, powers, etc. are also transferred but not accessible. The dragon also retains their CL.
Through various means like necromancy and technology, the dragon may be re-animated, this will require the creation of a new body to inhabit. Through some powers, like telepathy and scrying, the dragon may be conversed with, (this will allow a Dragon Rider access to the dragon's mana pool).
If the dragon was bonded to a Rider, then the Rider will not succumb to Lunacy at the death of their dragons physical body.

Hope that sheds some light on things, until next round.