Thursday, November 22, 2012

Read All The Things #1 - Akira 1

I would like to introduce a new element to this blog, which I admit is a long time coming; reviews of the books I read.  nWo is often influenced by a good book, and I might add some of those thoughts in here too.  At the end will be a rating scale, based on increments of bacon.  Ok, on with it....

I would like to present: Akira, vol 1 - Tesuo, by Katshiro Otomo.
This is the beginning of the much-famed Akira series.  I've seen the movie, multiple times, but that was a few years ago so I'm almost reading it fresh.  The first volume introduces Tetsuo, Kaneda and Kei.  After an encounter with a weird 'kid' Tetsuo gets head-explody and takes over the biker/clown-gang.  Hell breaks loose, and there's a fair bit of bloodshed and sewer-crawling.

Neo-Tokyo has some strong influence on the World of Damnation, specifically the City of Tokyo and its biker gangs.  The Olympic site is interesting, but due to the time-frame difference (Neo-Tokyo is during War/early Ice), it would be like a dungeon-crawl to get to that depth.

On the scale, Akira vol 1 gets 8 strips of bacon (out of ten).  Until next round.