Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unicorn Vomit

Still holding the writhing mage, we fall through into a realm with no up or down.  Streams of color mingle in ways they have no business doing.  It was like swimming through unicorn vomit.  Maggie continued his attack like some misplaced personal vendetta.  This was getting irritating, this guy doesn't even know me.

Without any warning the multicolored discharge around me begins to fade.  The mountain top returns to my vision along with the rest of the band.  Half-seen, Maggie yells and pulls me back in to the technicolor.  I lunge towards the mage, grabbing him with both oid and claws as the colors fade again.

We land on the hard rock of the mountain, he kicks and punches trying to free himself but I hold on.  He gets his leg between us and we separate.  The wolf-si opens up with her pistol, making a crater in his head.  Impossibly, he still stands.  Invoking the purifying necroflame of NekRa, I immolate him where he stands.  The corpse is thrown over zombeast and I keep my eye on it.

A cyclopian gate manifests atop the mountain, that was one hell of an intro.  The fans are screaming their approval and the cult chants.  Beaten and worn, I finish setting up my drums, and play a quick sound check with Rayne's keyboard.  Warmed up, and with the adrenaline still hot, I dive in to producing some metal beats.  Xenos joins in with his guitar and the wolf-si howls and yells on the mic.  Still riled, my oid picks up a second set of sticks.

After the show we ride back down to the ship for the afterparty.  Nemis, an anubii, and Anabeth join me in the hot tub until retiring to the library.  After consecrating the study table, I finally relax and think over the whole episode.

After reading Tzak's log, and watching the band footage, I find it hard to believe that Maggie is dead.  The sorceror has much skill with illusions and dimension-hopping as well as a knack for returning from the dead.  Thinking back, Xenos barely attacked the mage, his self-professed nemesis and seemed far too content with the kill.  Xenos also shows great skill with illusions and summoning.

Rousing the bitches, I seek Xenos out.  He is lounging in the hot tub as I approach him.  With prayers on my lips I question him about who he is, why he's here, and other things.  The blessings I canted should makes his lies transparent.  He answers with the same answers as before, he is Xenos, he was hunting Magtharedon, and so on.  I detect no lies from him, but it does not satisfy my suspicions.

The ship is aimed for what was Russia, northern Asia.  Another gig is set.
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