Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - The Magister's Wagon (Part 2)

The Magister continues to hurl dark magic at the invaders. Using Grognak's inert corpse, Nicoli sets the Magister's side of the room on fire. Bezis tries to help the pixie from the hole as the Magister lashes out at him. Surrounded by fire and violence, Grognak begins to rise and faces the Magister. Trapped and running out of power, the Magister summons himself somewhere less threatening.

In the Magister's chamber on the other side of the wall, Tweaks grabs Seneshal's fallen axe. The blessed blade scorches the golem's hands as he runs out of the wagon with it. Mosa summons a rhino into the room with Seneshal to buy time for her search. Now faced with an angry and confused beast, Seneshal returns his axe to him and begins to hack through it.

Tweaks returns to Seneshal's chamber and drags his chest into the hall. Breaking the holding runes, he opens it to find jewels and potions. He upends one of the potions into his mouth-parts and the purifying liquid pours over him. The potion, a cleansing salve of Aten, melts his bronze body into a puddle of bubbling goo.

A desperate search through the larger crates on board progresses. Nicoli finds the legbone in one of the crates in the laboratory and the others work through the burning wall to make an exit. Moments later, they burst through into the night.

Inside, Mosa summons another beast, this time a gorilla, to halt Seneshal. As she leaves the wagon she grabs some of the gems left by Tweaks. Seneshal, bursting with fury, rips through the large ape to find her already gone.

Outside, Ta grabs the beaten form of Grognak as the others follow him back to the ship. The ship is put under sail immediately and distance is put between them and Assyria quickly in the strong night winds. The party rests, and by next day there is no sign of pursuit. Ta pays them all, now one member short, and informs them of their next destination. They are going to the Gobleki Tepe, the most ancient of temples.
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