Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 05

Bim and I had set our alarm-timers for early the next morning. We awoke early enough to have some breakfast before dawn with enough time to get to the observation car. The felyne woman, Nimra, and the human muse, Emily, joined us to see the apparition.

In the observation car Nimra could detect some type of energy flow, Fae energy, being drawn to the location of the shade's appearance. This Fae energy, she explained, is imprinted by the influences it contacts and could likely be the cause of the 'ghost'. As we discussed, the sun began to rise and the apparition appeared.

Inhaling a deep lungful of smoke, I willed our surroundings to slow. The sounds of the train slowed, the air became very still, and the shadows slowly crept across the car's floor. Nimra was confident that there was a trigger, something that held the memory which was influencing the Fae. She had lost a man, who had died far from her. Within the seat, a hairpin was found, set with a diamond.

Wanting some stickybuns before Rusty lost the use of a kitchen, I proceeded back to the lounge with Cera while the others checked on the package. It seems the elven woman is quite taken by the soundspring, and a sale is made. The train should arrive this evening which will mark the first half of the journey.

Bim and Seth arrive with alarming news. It appears that the gnomish runes on the package have begun to glow. Since neither of them can read the fine language, I start back down the train to investigate.
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