Sunday, April 8, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 9)

In the shuttle bay, Kith scavenged the debris for anything that could be used to repair his ship. Felisce took watch as the repairs were underway while Craxxx did his 'techy' thing in the ship. Tali had only taken minor damage to some directional thrusters and braking systems which were repaired withe ease.

Rock awoke at some point in his quarters. He gets no answer next door, where Zyreal's room is supposed to be, but he does find a strange note. Crumpled twice, it seems to be correspondence between the two, which he crumples and leaves behind. Further searching brings him to the lounge and he begins to seek out someone with metaphysic knowledge. He is referred to the library, where he furthers this research. At some point Ida, his delta sim, registers Craxxx's network signal.

In the brig, Kacy finds Zyreal stunned from forcing his way through the forcefield. With Cypress, Mikah, Alias and Zechs, they exit the brig into the hallways. At the crossway ahead a defense laser extends from the ceiling guarding the elevator. It is met by a phase grenade. Deciding that the elevator is not the safest route, they search for a secondary exit.

The search yields two more turrets, one knocking out Mikah. These are met by more grenades. It becomes obvious that the Nova Invicse is attempting to stop them, it said so at the elevator. Zyreal uses his apple-state-trooper to divine the location of an access shaft. The shaft is sealed off by energy fields, which Kacy begins to disassemble. Ahead, the way is defended by another defense turret.

Kith finishes with his repairs and offers to assist his passengers back to the ship. With Craxxx in telepathic contact with Kacy, Kith joins the psychic net and sets out to join them. Not far outside the shuttle bay he runs into a couple of guards and a guard droid who question him. He teleports away and back again, slicing up the guards with the blades on his tentacles. The guard droid fires upon him, knocking him out.

Behind the guard droid, the elevator opens. Rock, who was on his way to the shuttle bay, is presented with the back-view of a guard droid blocking the hall. Using a magnetic charge, he crushes the droid's interior circuitry, killing it.
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