Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walk Glass Hatch

You begin to walk towards the city, seeking answers. Traversing across the flat metal, the city seems to stay on the horizon, never getting nearer. The solid metal rings through you steps, dulling your bones and slowing you down. After what feels like hours you spot something.

A glass path was set into the steel surface, curving towards the city. The path is a meter wide, glossy and made with very thick glass. You can see a dark current running beneath the glass running towards the city. The other end arcs towards the tower.

You look around the area, for anything else that wasn't the same unblemished metal you have been walking across. Further ahead, you see a small dome, perhaps a hatch. With renewed steps you go to inspect it.

It is clearly a hatch, for it has a hinge on one side, and it sits near the glass pathway. Made out of the same metal it is set it, it bears no handles or locks, only a rectangle traced onto the surface.

Do you:
-The tower is closer...
-Try to open the hatch.
-Follow the path to the city.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.

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