Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read All The Things #2: The Red Duke

The Bacon Scale is back, this time with a Black Library tale.  The Red Duke, by C.L. Werner, is set in Bretonnia with all the fluffy ribbons and dirty peasantry that entails.  The stories revolve around the Duke (a vampire if you hadn't guessed yet) in both his pasts and present, with the narrative jumping back and forth with few reference points.

This might sound confusing, and it should.
The Red Duke is quite insane you see, having been locked in a tomb for 500 years after being defeated in battle, and his mind keeps falling back into his memories.  It all makes you pity the necromancer, the only living servant, who has to deal with a hallucinating vampire. 

There's a lot of knightly stuff, being set in Bretonnia, and peasant oppressing.  And a decent feud...

Overall, The Red Duke gets 6 strips of bacon and some cheese (cheddar).

Until next round...