Sunday, March 31, 2013

Read All The Things #5 - Cowbow Ninja Viking

One can likely tell from the title that this book is fun.  Our protagonist, the cowboy ninja viking, has a very severe case of multiple personalities.  Our 'hero' faces many challenges being a triplet, and the subject of military experimentation to create a better warrior.  He reunites with some other triplets, his ex, some antagonists and some allies.  This graphic novel is packed with crazy...

Cowboy Ninja Viking gets 8 strips of bacon on the scale.

Which brings us to the triplet subrace.  DNA and Interzone would likely experiment in this type of field, likely at the cost of the subject's sanity.

Triplet (Subrace) - World of Damnation

-The victim's warrior, mage and priest sources are not restricted by level type.  A triplet can choose a warrior, mage or priest source instead of the level type.  The victim's cyber source is unaffected.  (The victim may have three warrior sources for example.)

Restricted - Human only.

Madness - +2 madness points.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Codex Psychosia - Rubies of Vitae

To set them well, to right old ways,
To seek the well, to bring new ways.

Rubies fall from knuckles
Flayed with holy gold.

The noblewoman's path leads
From the soiled bilge waters
Pooling at her bedsheets
Poisoning her blossoms.

Rubies flayed from knuckles
Fall from holy gold.

The Eye of Ra has never seen
The path of crushed bone,
Which lead to Anubis' garden
Where grow nothing but stone.

Rubies fall from knuckles
Flayed by holy gold.

A setting, a chalice, defaced
By unrelenting Mahees
With unliving chaperones
Here meets the Neverplace.

Rubies flayed from knuckles
Fall from holy gold.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magus Guard

Magus Guard

Magus Guard are mages that have spent years studying the principles of combat. They are not warriors, but mages who have sacrificed arcane studies for martial ones. Because of this the practical application of the skills they study are beyond their grasp, and therefore they cannot apply more than the basics of any martial art in combat. They manipulate the arcane energies around them to increase their combat prowess or decrease that of their opponents to compensate for this shortcoming. Unlike Warlocks/Battle Magi, the Magus Guard are usually among those leading the charge in to combat. They are the adrenaline junkies/berserkers of the mages. Typically the best of the Magus Guard are used by the largest mage schools. Often they are left to protect the secrets hidden within their libraries or as assassins; their abilities making them equal to any normal warrior in battle.

Using Mana:
Used to augment/hinder combat abilities or weapon stats
    Modifier to Hit (+1/1)
    Increase unsoakable (+1*/2)
    Additional parry (1 parry/2)

Must choose a weapon specialization at creation from any specified Standard Weapon Use
    For an additional +5 XP at level up, new weapon specializations can be learned, victim must have the relevant Standard Weapon Use.

Banned from cybernetics, master, sensei and martial arts.
Max pool expenditure is based off applicable the specified standard weapon use of the weapon being used, this weapon use counts as a sage lore.
Adapted by Brin Shadius.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tsukino Con 2013

 Yeah, that's right, I went to an anime convention.  This year I only went for the Sunday due to real-life restrictions but it was completely worth it.  Other than the bag of swag from the vendors, it was mainly about well-dressed people.
 I did manage to sit in on two really good rpg panels.  The first was focused on GM tactics and equally informative as it was funny.  There were some really good ideas that came up, like adjusting things in the room to give the players associative senses.  Lighting and music are the easy ones, but bringing smells into the game can be a very powerful SL tool.  There was also some talk about "what to do about players" which always brings specific players to mind.
 The second panel was about inprov skills meeting the rpg world.  Improv actors are natural-born role-players and have some skills that gamers don't think of.  The "yes, and" game is the best example.  If a character decides to derail the plot, as a character you take it up and add something of your own.  Now there are two of you doing stuff, and more openings.  If you are the SL, you can take this new direction and use it to enforce the plot.  (Oh, you guys are going home instead of stopping the orc horde?  Fine, you see your town, burned down by an orc horde!)
 Next year I am planning for the three-day-tour....
Until next round.