Friday, December 31, 2010

The Life and Times of a Bear

Shmee is a very small bear. He is named after Squee's bear, and is a proud member of the Midnight Growlers. Today he will be eleven years old.
He and I have been on countless adventures, seen wonderful sights, and done horrible things.
I doubt there will ever be a bear like him. He has an affinity for safety pins and chains, and he loves to party. But he can be a serious bear, and like most bears, a great listener with a keen mind. He was one of my bestest friends.
For the better part of 8 years we terrorized suburbia until, as fate would have it, he forged out on his own. I haven't seen of heard from him since that year at Recompression, but I still think of him each day (and especially at Camp Awesome).
For such a small bear he could sure drink. Often I would find him passed out on the floor, or hanging upside-down to get re-drunk. He held his liquor though, not once did I find sawdust on the floor, but I would find him cuddled up to girls (he is a bear after all).
Of course he enjoyed Squee, but Jonny the Homicidal Maniac was his favorite.
He was almost as big of a geek as me, obviously he is the DM.
He has quite a few friends and associates, even some I don't even know.
And he's good with pets (most of the time).
In addition to other stuffed animals, going to parties introduced him to a great many humans. Many of these humans were put off by this little black bear, but a special few saw past the spikes and pins to the warm loving bear-soul within him.

And the occasional person tried to eat him....
Well, here's to you Shmee on your b-day, we miss you on the other side of the second o.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Forest Creatures

We believe that this lawn mower took its own life, for there was no grass anywhere near it. Spooky.
The Sith Collective went deep into the woods. Can you spot them?
It is hard to be evil and comfy, or maybe not....
Two very lonely mushroom trees....
...and a chair. Luckily, Puka subdued it for us.


More Fire and Danger

I thought you might want to see more....

These were all from the first night of spinning.

Oddly, out of five fire spinners there were only staves. Long live the Sith!

More...? OK.

And for our encore.....


Thank you Rosa for taking these wonderful videos!

Fun, Dangerous and Artistic

Art by Christocat, remixed by Ricalope.
Rosa art!!
From a bunny, for a cat.
"Who 8 it?" by Samalander.
Pixies under a tree, by Rosa.
Rosa art vs Bunny.
Awesome art, by Rosa (don't follow Rosa).
Even Raver Bunny had a great time...

There is a place untouched by time. We call it "Camp Awesome." If you were wondering why it was so quiet this last week, here is your answer.

The Samalander's first light. Girls on fire are hot!

Robin, our generous host, also burned. The force is strong with this one...

And no Sith Collective would be complete without a burning cat!

You can find more Camp Awesome here.
Well, we are out of fuel now...