Friday, December 31, 2010

The Life and Times of a Bear

Shmee is a very small bear. He is named after Squee's bear, and is a proud member of the Midnight Growlers. Today he will be eleven years old.
He and I have been on countless adventures, seen wonderful sights, and done horrible things.
I doubt there will ever be a bear like him. He has an affinity for safety pins and chains, and he loves to party. But he can be a serious bear, and like most bears, a great listener with a keen mind. He was one of my bestest friends.
For the better part of 8 years we terrorized suburbia until, as fate would have it, he forged out on his own. I haven't seen of heard from him since that year at Recompression, but I still think of him each day (and especially at Camp Awesome).
For such a small bear he could sure drink. Often I would find him passed out on the floor, or hanging upside-down to get re-drunk. He held his liquor though, not once did I find sawdust on the floor, but I would find him cuddled up to girls (he is a bear after all).
Of course he enjoyed Squee, but Jonny the Homicidal Maniac was his favorite.
He was almost as big of a geek as me, obviously he is the DM.
He has quite a few friends and associates, even some I don't even know.
And he's good with pets (most of the time).
In addition to other stuffed animals, going to parties introduced him to a great many humans. Many of these humans were put off by this little black bear, but a special few saw past the spikes and pins to the warm loving bear-soul within him.

And the occasional person tried to eat him....
Well, here's to you Shmee on your b-day, we miss you on the other side of the second o.
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