Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lost Desolation Rust

You continue along the stream bed, away from the shambling corpses, up into the mountain. The stream, now a dry path, winds between the stones splitting and joining again in a dizzying maze. You realize that you have become lost in the mountains.

The sun dips below the horizon and the sky turns red and begins to darken. All around you the trees are burnt husks which offer no refuge. After the day's events you grow weary and in much need of rest. You scan the mountainside for a cave or any suitable place to rest a while but see little other than desolation.

Then you spot a red glint of metal a little further up the slope. It is egg-shaped with three legs sprouting from the larger end, one leg has broken off. A large oval hole sits in the side large enough to fit through. The shell is covered with rust but inside sits the leather cushions of a seat.

Do you:

-Take a seat.
-Keep going.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.


Porky said...

Very cool. I'll hook it up now and add it to the master list. I have another lined up and Jennie might well have too - it's still early days.

Ricalope said...

There are a few others on here...I'm growing a storyarc.

Porky said...

Wow - I'm sleeping on the job, and dreaming! I'll add them all to the master list right now.