Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show, Interrupted

We crested the mountain, a chanting horde of leather and spikes, ready for the end of the world. WTF lead the masses and immediately began to set up, well Kacy and I did. The first song was a sombre intro building into some serious metal rhythms for the first set. At the end of a song I ask the crowd when the end is, Maggie appears, so I rip into some heavy percussion. The guy knows how to make his entrance.

As I pound out my infernal rhythm, something hits me. I keep on the sticks. I didn't realize how hard it was to play in combat, the old band had some mad skills. Maggie is yelling at me and pointing, directing the shadow-thing back towards me. The sounds around me are distorted and warped, then the shadow hits me again and everything goes black.

I wake to see the pilgrims dying in the shadow's fury. Through zombeast, I fire a sonic blast at the shadow which it evades. I again have its full attention and begin to move is Maggie's direction. Calling upon Unkind rites, I heal my bone armour, while my symbiote formed additional protection. Ahead, Maggie was sparring with Xenos, the dragonrider who brought us to this gig, and unaware of my approach.

I have been to many shows, and seen a bunch of other shit, but this was weird. Kacy's music began to warp, things were moving at different times, even the snow was affected. Everything I could see was slower, save Xenos and my target, the snow hung in the air until I was approached, then they would fall.

I slammed into Maggie like a boulder. My oid wrapping itself around him and pinning his arms. He twisted and squirmed, but could not free himself as his other attackers took advantage. Chunks of flesh were removed from his exposed chest as my fists drilled into his face. With his insides on display I could clearly see a lack of vital organs. There was something else happening here, I could feel the doubt sinking in.

With Maggie held, I will my oid to form wings and I fly up and towards the plateau's edge. His body is rigid in my grasp, the other's attacks paralyzing him. Deciding this wont last, I drop to the mountain, using the immobile body to cushion the impact from the fifty meter drop. My oid keeps him wrapped tight, he still lives, so I begin to run to the edge.

Now out of the melee, and past the crowd, it was a straight run to the plateau's edge. He stirs, likely taking in his new predicament. Ahead of me a hole appears, like someone punched through reality. I try to dodge out of the way but it grows larger and we both fall in.
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