Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 5.5)

The entity sometimes known as Paw Gour had chosen an underground location to call his servant. The twin suns of Dahl struck a cord of harmony with the daemon he found extremely uncomfortable. He waited in the chamber, slightly bemused, until the gate opened and Maltiahs was pulled through. Paw Gour waited for the once-mercenary to shake off the disorientation of planar travel before giving him his instructions. Almost at once, Maltiahs set off upon his metallic legs to Sylba in search of his enemies.

Cilyne did not sleep well, though it was not because of the hotel she was staying in, but because her neighbour was screaming incoherently. Whatever Devo had experienced it was proving to be cataclysmic. When it became sporadic she ordered room service and attempts to help. During the meal Damien calls from somewhere called Golgotha, which he explains is a nexus point on Dahl. They are to meet him there as soon as they can.

They go into the mercantile district of Sylba, where Maltiahs shadows them from the building tops. He watches them exit a store, fawning over freshly bought glasses, and unhooks some small items from his belt. Activating each of them, he begins throwing the grenades around the two. The first plasma explosions begin to detonate as the last of the grenades land between them. Jumping from his perch, he lands near their bodies, and sees that neither of them are moving. From the other side of his belt he removes the zap straps.

They awaken upon tables, each of them clamped hand, foot and wing. They were not out for long, and they both felt the sway of movement. By looking around, they could see that the tables they were bound to were stored in some kind of container, and they were not alone. Paw Gour was speaking to Maltiahs regarding his payment, neither of them paid the prisoners any mind.

Outside the grav-tanker, the Guardians were closing in. Within their integrated cyberscape, nearly fifty Guardians were clearing the area ahead and maintaining a location on the transport. They moved like a tide, while an armed Guardian followed in their wake with an artificial body built to engage targets like the grav-tanker. The driver never saw him coming.

This was a post I found that hadn't been published yet, enjoy! - Ricalope.
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