Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amber Waves Ascent

The tower seems to be the nearest, you start walking towards its twinkling lights which can be seen clearly in the darkness. With each step it becomes taller and its base grows wider. It almost seems to grow from the metal landscape with twists and curves in its architecture. Soon other, smaller, towers can be seen rising from the base curving around the main structure. It glistens a dark amber under the stars.

As you approach the base of the tower the metal under your feet becomes progressively warped. It bends back like frozen waves by the rising force of the tower. It reminds you of an uprooted plant with its roots rising into the air. The 'roots' are solid and easily climbable with many hand and foot holds. There is no apparent doors or stairs, that can be seen, but lights do shine in the highest spire.

Using the roots, you pick a path upwards. The climb begins to get steeper and the roots fewer as you rise. It gets harder to breathe in the thinning windless air and the spire still looks impossibly tall. Far below, the metal landscape curves to either side like a chrome moon, the city and the fire the only blemishes.

Close by, you can see an alcove in the roots and you are very tired from the climb. Although, the lights do seem closer, one could press on...

Do you:
-Climb onwards.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.

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