Friday, March 30, 2012

Transcendence Cast - Felisce Annae-Anor

Felisce grew up in the Nightlands, in the towns on the far eastern coast, to a exiled elven house. Annae is Sylvan for 'cast-out', his early years were stained with difficulties. He found the ways of sorcery almost natural and he sought out knowledge of all five talents. Sorcery aided his other passion as a young elf, he was a natural con-artist.

By the time his sister, Celyne, was born he had become both modestly rich and strikingly handsome. As his sister grew he became more responsible, taking it upon himself to watch and protect her, which ultimately brought him to the Fifth.

Felisce prefers to use his magic when opposed, but failing that he favors thin elven blades. He dresses in long flowing silks, which is akin to the traditional dress of his heritage, with some more modern accessories. His cane hides a blade within it and he has acquired a pair of hellfury pistols which he keeps hidden in partial silver rune-scribed plate. His long black hair is always pulled back in a long bound ponytail.

Felisce is also very well known for the wine bottles which he pulls from his sleeves. Every bottle is from the Nightlands, and each is a different kind of elven vintage from all over the blighted realm. Felicse was with Transcendence through Hell, but was last seen being taken by Uriel, an experience he refuses to speak of. He is also involved with Mikah, the incubi dragonspawn, and good friends with Alias.
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