Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - The Magister's Wagon (Part 1)

Ta prepares the party with a dampening potion, obtained at no small cost, to get them past the wardings on the wagon. It is a sticky fluid and tastes like a cesspit, but the potion was mixed by a cleric of the Eater of the Dead, a sin to counter a blessing. The small clay vials dangle from leather strings as they advance towards the wagon.

The Magister's wagon is a massive blackwood construction. It is seven meters wide, seventeen long, with ledges on the front and rear. Warding plates, made from bronze, are affixed to the sides and above the both doors. More wards glint upon the four massive wheels that support the transport. The wagon men are busy loading supplies and organizing the draft animals, tuskers, around the wagon and its two smaller companions.

Under the glamor of Mosa's magic, the party approach the wagons invisibly. They split into two groups, one toward the front, the other to the back. Tesyble weaves a psychic net to keep them all in contact with each other. With spells to increase their speed and strength, the wagon men had no warning.

Grognak and Nicoli approach the driver's ledge where a hussar (wagon driver) is shouting orders to the tusker herders. The orc's spear wounds the hussar and he strikes blindly hitting nothing. Invisibly, the orc and faery eliminate the herders and hussar. Grognak's battlelust, unsated, rages towards more of the wagon men within the compound. Soon the hired hands are in rout.

On the back of the wagon two workers load crates into the rear ledge. They fall quickly as Mosa and Tweaks fall upon them. Other wagon hands approach to investigate and have a similar fate. Bezis slides under the wagon and begins to take out the wagon men on the far side of the encampment with her axes.

Mosa is the first inside, the wards failing to restrict her. The wards do counter her spells, leaving everyone visible and stripping her of the spells placed on her by the others. As they each go inside, their spells are countered. Grognak and Nicoli Enter the front, where the driver's bunks are, and kill a second hussar. Tweaks follows Mosa in the back searching the supply room and galley. Further ahead they find the bunk rooms, one being the Seneshal's chamber. After trading blows, the Seneshal teleports away to find the Magister.

Faced with a wall, Grognak attempts to make his own way through it. He succeeds to break a hole large enough for Nicoli to squeeze through, which the faery does with ease. The orc puts is shoulder into the wall badly and dislocates it. On the other side of the wall Nicoli slides across a table from the hole in the wall to see the Magister. He speaks something and the faery's world turns dark and painful.

Mosa and Tweaks continue to the front encountering a large bedchamber and the Seneshal. The warrior's armour and skill are pressed to defend against the two attackers. Tesyble launches psychic strikes through the minds in the net as Mosa sends throwing stars at his face. Tweaks is a blurr of clockwork which destroy the Seneshal's shield in seconds.
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