Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 03

We spend a good while in the lounge car drinking, chatting and whatnot. Rusty suggests a mobile deep-fryer, which I could easily weaponize, and we work on some blueprints. As the evening wears on, we overhear the neighboring table's conversation regarding a resident ghost on the train. Word has it that the apparition can be heard on the observation car in the late hours of night.

Of course we decide to investigate, most of us at least. While the others squeezed though the galley, I chose the alternative route up top. Keeping low, which is quite easy given my stature, I find I can make quick progress across the car roofs. In my over-confidence I land a bit heavily upon the observation car's top window. With a gnomish curse on my lips I will it to undo, and to my amazement, it does. I will make a note to learn more of the ability which I seem to have.

This observation car is much like the one on the previous train and sits back in second class. I sit and light up a new smoke while collecting my thoughts. Through the haze I take a second look around the car. Using the smoke like a pigment upon the canvas of the train car. Secrets are revealed to me in wraithlike forms. And it tastes wonderful.

I learn that the spirit (or shadow) manifests during a brief time at dawn. During this time she weeps softly and is of no threat to anyone. I think she is afflicted with a kind of sorrow or mourning, and one can tell that psychology is not my prime lore. I inform those with me and recommend we sleep off some of our spirits, especially Seth, and return later.

We are returning when someone thinks of the problem of waking at the right hour, this problem I know I can solve. Reaching my quarters, where my bitz and gubbins are kept, I begin work upon a new device. After an hour I have am alarm chime. The timer is turned to the desired amount of minutes or hours. When the time runs out a small hammer will hit a couple resonant bars. The alarm will continue to chime until turned off or when it winds down.

An hour before dawn I am awoken by my alarm chime and proceed to gather other volunteers. We return to the observation car with some time to spare so I roll an anticipatory smoke. As twilight sets in a faint weeping is heard near the from of the car. I light my smoke and proceed behind Bim with Seth. Hoping that my smoke would give her (it sounded like a her) form I blow it in her direction. It gathers in the seat and we can see someone by a wavering outline. Bim sits beside the half-form with a careful slowness and gently asks if she is ok. She seems not to notice and continues to weep. We pause uncertainly and a beam of the sunlight reaches through the window and with the rising of the sun, she is gone.
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