Monday, March 26, 2012

End of the World Cruise

We stayed docked in Victoria for three days before the rescheduled concert. I spent those days getting to know the ship's crew both new and old. We played some practice jams and set up a setlist for the show with both new and old songs.

The Apothium's pilgrims were in dire need of direction and growth. During the first day's mass I instituted a study program, reminding them of NekRa's respect for knowledge which borders upon sanctity. Each pilgrim is to select a volume from the Apothium's library and read it, once done they are to exchange it for another. Through this method the temple will grow in power and knowledge.

My time in the library yielded a very curious find, a small digital notebook. What was strange was the mark scratched into the outer surface of the device (and in odd places in the Apothium). It was a sigil of an eye, inflamed and weeping, rendered by deep gouges. It was the same mark that I used, my 'tag'. Activating the device, I guess the right password on the second try using my email password. The notebook contains a handfull of log entries and all of Tzak's music collection. The logs date back from when the original band met and encountered Maggie, they give me some perspective.

WTF! played a hard show, we played like Hell was watching. Xenos joined us, standing in for the other guitarist, kicking out some deep loner metal. After the show it was hot tub time, and also when Xenos decided to bug us with his obsession. He had found some call-out Maggie was doing on the net, bragging about changing the world and all that. There was also a location of where he would be and the dragon rider really wanted to meet the guy. We agreed to go only because we cold play a show on the way.

We set a course to the far Pacific north, to some tiny turd of an island nobody cares about. At Fairbanks, another town I will not miss, we pick up a crowd for the "End of the World Cruise". We spend the three days to turd island studying, praising the metal gods and drinking beer. I also spend some of those days wondering how a rock band is going to save the world from some uber powerful magi.

We get to the island and the docks already swarming with other boats. A line of people can be seen slowly making their way up the mountain. I had zombeast fully repaired and beside me, as his sonic cannons might be needed. A hummer from the ship was outfitted with a railgun and plow, two jeeps with a railgun each and the tourbus full of pilgrims. The rest of our crew and crowd followed in our wake.
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