Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Thaxean

My name is Thaxean, although I have had many others. I travel what is known as the Fifth dominion, Earth as the mortals call it. I have traveled for longer than I can recall, I dimly remember the War and its aftermath. It was the aftermath which brought out my inner nature, before that I looked like the rest of the humans. I stand just over seven feet, I see with green hued eyes, my skin is grey and I grow thin spines where hair would be. At the moment I find myself in Victoria.

I am a musician, by trade or design, so one could imagine my anger when the WTF! show was delayed. It seemed that their current dj/drummer had some kind of misfortune regarding a sport car and a frigate. That was ok, I don't really like sequencers, but they were having auditions.

The address was a rental, pretty low-key with a waiting room full of chumps. Rayne, the pretty elven keyboard player, was heading the audition. I introduced myself and set up. Fresh out, my first attempt was marginal, but she seemed to like it. On the do-over my skills were much more obvious, I was hired on the spot.

The I Am Awesome And You Are Not II was in harbour under repair. It seemed that someone blew a big hole in the side. I got the standard tour, everything was as it looks in the video clips, it was a party ship. The topic of the first dj came up, and that Tzak had a number of followers onboard forming a cult. Tzak was the original source for the sampled Nek-Ra prayers of the early songs.

The chapel was set up according to tradition, a place where the Unkind One dominated all senses. This chapel was a personalized affair, being built by a small army of punks and masterminded by a madman. I met with their current preacher of no clergy rank. He told me how this place was held together by Pipe Wrench (who I could not locate) and the preacher. He also told me of the library they had. I thanked him and tithed an old hymnal.

It appeared that this cult believed that Nek-Ra would send Tzak back to lead them. After the next sermon I made my attempt to seize control of the cult. I told them of how I was sent from the Kingdom, shunned, and forced to walk the Earth. I spoke of how Nek-Ra did not shun me, of how his gaze was attained by sacrifice, and with his gaze was power.

The body of Tzak's zombeast was assembled standing guard over the chapel. I reached out with incantations of the Unkind and returned unlife to the creature. The rapt horror of my desecration and ability had sealed my control over them. My pilgrims now understood that I was chosen by Nek-Ra.
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