Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GottaCon 2013 - In The City

 GottaCon has come and gone, and it was a good one.  This year I brought some nWo along with me, a storyline I named In The City, and registered three spots.  Part I was at 9am Saturday (Morning Coffee), and Part II was at midnight until 9am (Day Jobs).  Things started well enough, and like any classic nWo game, it grew into a monster.  Luckily, I am a professional monster-handler.

Morning Coffee had 7-8 players, only two of them new to the game.  Once the celestial monkey threw a table at them things went along their natural course. There was epic fails and backstabbing.  The two new guys were awesome, easily fitting into their victim's roles and learning to use power.

Day Jobs started with 16 players, we were short premade victims and had to make some on the fly.  Everyone was tired, throats were sore and the energy drinks had stopped working.  In true nWo form, we pressed onward.  Our new players slid into their new roles heavily and security guards died.  At 4am the second slot began, many of the new players left (which I fully understand) and we picked up another new player.  By 8am they had found the genetics library.
Overall I will call it a success, but only with thanks to the crew who kept it alive.  There were a few things I learned this year:

-Pre-written intros are awesome! (but at a Con each intro needs a setting description as the new players in the later session didn't really know where they were)

-Make more starter victims.  Lots of them.

-PLAYERS HAVE TO SIGN UP!!!  otherwise you will might not get a seat (I will never run that big of a game myself again. Ever.)

-Bring the Atlas and Grimiore.  Pictures say a thousand words, your throat will thank you.

And yes, I do plan on having nWo at next year's GottaCon, I will continue In The City, possibly with a second SL at my side.....
Until next round.