Friday, March 30, 2012

Transcendence Cast - Felisce Annae-Anor

Felisce grew up in the Nightlands, in the towns on the far eastern coast, to a exiled elven house. Annae is Sylvan for 'cast-out', his early years were stained with difficulties. He found the ways of sorcery almost natural and he sought out knowledge of all five talents. Sorcery aided his other passion as a young elf, he was a natural con-artist.

By the time his sister, Celyne, was born he had become both modestly rich and strikingly handsome. As his sister grew he became more responsible, taking it upon himself to watch and protect her, which ultimately brought him to the Fifth.

Felisce prefers to use his magic when opposed, but failing that he favors thin elven blades. He dresses in long flowing silks, which is akin to the traditional dress of his heritage, with some more modern accessories. His cane hides a blade within it and he has acquired a pair of hellfury pistols which he keeps hidden in partial silver rune-scribed plate. His long black hair is always pulled back in a long bound ponytail.

Felisce is also very well known for the wine bottles which he pulls from his sleeves. Every bottle is from the Nightlands, and each is a different kind of elven vintage from all over the blighted realm. Felicse was with Transcendence through Hell, but was last seen being taken by Uriel, an experience he refuses to speak of. He is also involved with Mikah, the incubi dragonspawn, and good friends with Alias.

Monday, March 26, 2012

End of the World Cruise

We stayed docked in Victoria for three days before the rescheduled concert. I spent those days getting to know the ship's crew both new and old. We played some practice jams and set up a setlist for the show with both new and old songs.

The Apothium's pilgrims were in dire need of direction and growth. During the first day's mass I instituted a study program, reminding them of NekRa's respect for knowledge which borders upon sanctity. Each pilgrim is to select a volume from the Apothium's library and read it, once done they are to exchange it for another. Through this method the temple will grow in power and knowledge.

My time in the library yielded a very curious find, a small digital notebook. What was strange was the mark scratched into the outer surface of the device (and in odd places in the Apothium). It was a sigil of an eye, inflamed and weeping, rendered by deep gouges. It was the same mark that I used, my 'tag'. Activating the device, I guess the right password on the second try using my email password. The notebook contains a handfull of log entries and all of Tzak's music collection. The logs date back from when the original band met and encountered Maggie, they give me some perspective.

WTF! played a hard show, we played like Hell was watching. Xenos joined us, standing in for the other guitarist, kicking out some deep loner metal. After the show it was hot tub time, and also when Xenos decided to bug us with his obsession. He had found some call-out Maggie was doing on the net, bragging about changing the world and all that. There was also a location of where he would be and the dragon rider really wanted to meet the guy. We agreed to go only because we cold play a show on the way.

We set a course to the far Pacific north, to some tiny turd of an island nobody cares about. At Fairbanks, another town I will not miss, we pick up a crowd for the "End of the World Cruise". We spend the three days to turd island studying, praising the metal gods and drinking beer. I also spend some of those days wondering how a rock band is going to save the world from some uber powerful magi.

We get to the island and the docks already swarming with other boats. A line of people can be seen slowly making their way up the mountain. I had zombeast fully repaired and beside me, as his sonic cannons might be needed. A hummer from the ship was outfitted with a railgun and plow, two jeeps with a railgun each and the tourbus full of pilgrims. The rest of our crew and crowd followed in our wake.

Transcendence (Blog 8)

Zechs and Felisce met up with Craxxx, Kacy and Alias on the Lunar Plaza. The Nova Invisce was four hour ahead of them, accelerating towards the Belt. In order to catch up with the starship they would need to charter something smaller and faster like an in-system transport. Docked to the Lunar Ring, only one charter vessel was ready to go, the Tali.

Tali was a small but fast in-system ship piloted by a Cephylim named Kith. It was one of the handful of chartered passenger vessels often referred to as 'cabs'. Kith had the job because it provided an opportunity to have a ship of his own (after five Jovian years of service). This group of travelers looked to be mercs, which would likely mean some repairs and good pay.

In the storage bay of the Nova Invisce the stasis field deactivates and two crewmen enter supported by a guard droid. They proceed down the center scanning each crate, a redundant check before inter-system jumps. Mikah runs to a maintenance hatch and wrenches it open. He leaves his bike in the storage bay, but keeps his simdroid, Gat, with him. They make their way to another hatch which leads out into the biosphere, an on-ship park, there he rests.

Elsewhere on board Zyreal seeks out the labs while Cypress goes to the lounge to eat. In the labs, Zyreal fuses two pistols into one multi-shot weapon and tests it out on the range. After this, he goes to rest in a cryochamber. Gat uses the ship's wireless network to help Mikah find the lounge. She also finds Cypress who is fast asleep halfway through his steaks. The ship begins to accelerate faster inching its way towards lightspeed.

Kith notices the other ship accelerating and pushes Tali harder. Gee forces inside the small ship double what the crew is used to, but it is still within tolerable limits. As they approach the larger ship opens communications. Hearing of who wishes aboard, the larger ship invites them into its shuttle bay.

As Kith is making his approach, the Nova Invisce throttles forward which threatens to pull the other ship into its backwash. The Cephylim curses and pulls into the bigger ship which was still accelerating. Tali crash-lands and sinks its landing hooks into the skin of the other vessel. With a outline of a plan, Felicse summons Alias, Kacy and Zechs to the other ship.

The trio is sent to Mikah's location, who is also with Cypress. The two of them were put into the brig when the communication between ships went sour. Alias uses his chronomancy to 'rewind' the energy field keeping them imprisoned. They begin to search the brig, first finding guards they meet with gunfire, explosions and blades. Further down the hall they also find Zyreal, unconscious from successfully breaking through the barrier.

The Nova Invisce hits the smaller ship clinging to it with its short ranged lasers followed by a tow line. Tali is swept alongside as the larger ship continues to increase speed. The smaller ship expresses the danger of accelerating past its stable limits. Kith tries the only option left, he flies the ship into the shuttle bay. The ship breaks through the energy field and into the bay scattering the smaller shuttles aside. With landing hooks extended, the ship comes to a screeching halt at the far end of the bay.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pigs, Monkeys, Squid and Nightmares

As Transcendence reaches nearspace more races are being encountered. There are also other races who don't appear in the Zero Terminus book who are an uncommon sight. Protoforms (hyper-evolved animals) and Cephylim (alien squid beings) are exclusive to the Fifth, both races inhabiting colonies in nearspace. Griffins, Blessedm'n (and their dark kin, Terrors) and the Nosferatu are an uncommon sight in all the dominions.


A protoform animal has had its DNA altered to artificially advance a species to higher intelligence levels. The protoform project first began within Syberian bunker-labs during the Ice. Some of the attempts were a success, while most others were failures. The lab was later found by Asian agents and the data recovered. Within a short time, during 2aw, protoform primates were successfully created. Most corperations treat protoforms equally, but they unerve society at a moral level. The majority are employed in Nearspace projects such as the Lunar Ring and Titan.

Subrace: All protoforms must select one of the following subraces; Ape, Chimp or Hog.


Ape; d10, +5 Str, -2 Wis, -2 Int.

Chimp; +5 Dex, +2 Str, -2 Chr, -2 Man.

Hog; +2 Str, +2 Per, -2 Int.

Size/Mortality: Normal, mortal.

Starting Languages: Wild, one regional.


The Cephilym race resides in a system near Earth with a colony within Jupiter. They are squid-like in appearance with a triangular body/head assisted by many tenticles. Some of these limbs are used for movement and manipulation and others are more specialized for sensory imput. Their bodies are extremely resilient and can live in human conditions with only a rebreather. Cephilym cannot speak, other than telepathically, but do have a written language.

Stats: d10, +5 Stm, +2 Per.

Bonuses: Telepathy, Pressurized skin (mutation)

Size/Mortality: Small, mortal.

CL Adjustment: +1.

Starting Languages: Cephilym.


When a mortal visits Quiddity it can result in a hybrid of dream and flesh. These beings are known as blessedm'n, for they have many unique and unusual qualities. When a blessedm'n reaches maturity they are given a choice between staying in Quiddity or to travel the dominions.

Stats: 2d10

Bonuses: Ten mutation points during victim creation.

Restrections: May only purchase Rahk, the Art or nature as a priest source. May not purchase mutation points after victim creation.

Mortality: Immortal.

Starting Languages: Any two.


Very rarely, a child is born from a nightmare. The Dark Blessedm'n, or Terrors, are very simular to their kin, but deviate in their theological cores. These are the blighted childeren of fear, the tormented tourmenters.

Stats: 2d10

Bonuses: When purchasing a level, Dark Blessedm'n gain 5 mutation points. Five bonus mutation points during victim creation.

Restrictions: May only select Chaos, Rakh or Denial as a priest source.

XP Pen: +10.

Mortality: Immortal.

Starting Languages: Any two.


Griffons are a combination of large feline and eagle. They are usually quite intelligent and social creatures while spending time outside settlements in the wilds.

Stats: d10, Fl Dex, +2 Int.

Bonuses: Darkvision, +1 to any one stat each level, changeform (humanoid).

Size/Mortality: Big, mortal.

XP Penalty: +5.

Starting Languages: One regional, Wild, one other.


A nosferatu is a type of vampire who feeds upon the will and resolve of thier victims. With the gift of immortality, they are cursed with a weakness to fire. They are uncommon in undead society, with members of the bloodline placed in each population. Due to not consuming material, they take on a gaunt and emaciated appearance.

Becoming Nosferatu:

Upon the death of a mortal, a nosferatu can transfer thier prayer into the deceased. The target will replenish one wound for each prayer transferred this way. If the target's wound pool is full they gain the nosferatu subrace.

Bonuses: Appitite; faith, wraithtouch, (see 'Other Powers, Book of Tools', Zero Terminus). A nosferatu meets any requirement regarding undying.

Wound Pool: A nosferatu does not replenish wounds when resting.

Weakness (Fire): A nosferatu may never buy elemenal immunity (fire). All burning, fire and flame based damage (including unsoakable) is doubled against a nosferatu. May not select fire as a talent or use flame as a discipline.

Mortality: Immortal.

Until next round, be well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - The Magister's Wagon (Part 1)

Ta prepares the party with a dampening potion, obtained at no small cost, to get them past the wardings on the wagon. It is a sticky fluid and tastes like a cesspit, but the potion was mixed by a cleric of the Eater of the Dead, a sin to counter a blessing. The small clay vials dangle from leather strings as they advance towards the wagon.

The Magister's wagon is a massive blackwood construction. It is seven meters wide, seventeen long, with ledges on the front and rear. Warding plates, made from bronze, are affixed to the sides and above the both doors. More wards glint upon the four massive wheels that support the transport. The wagon men are busy loading supplies and organizing the draft animals, tuskers, around the wagon and its two smaller companions.

Under the glamor of Mosa's magic, the party approach the wagons invisibly. They split into two groups, one toward the front, the other to the back. Tesyble weaves a psychic net to keep them all in contact with each other. With spells to increase their speed and strength, the wagon men had no warning.

Grognak and Nicoli approach the driver's ledge where a hussar (wagon driver) is shouting orders to the tusker herders. The orc's spear wounds the hussar and he strikes blindly hitting nothing. Invisibly, the orc and faery eliminate the herders and hussar. Grognak's battlelust, unsated, rages towards more of the wagon men within the compound. Soon the hired hands are in rout.

On the back of the wagon two workers load crates into the rear ledge. They fall quickly as Mosa and Tweaks fall upon them. Other wagon hands approach to investigate and have a similar fate. Bezis slides under the wagon and begins to take out the wagon men on the far side of the encampment with her axes.

Mosa is the first inside, the wards failing to restrict her. The wards do counter her spells, leaving everyone visible and stripping her of the spells placed on her by the others. As they each go inside, their spells are countered. Grognak and Nicoli Enter the front, where the driver's bunks are, and kill a second hussar. Tweaks follows Mosa in the back searching the supply room and galley. Further ahead they find the bunk rooms, one being the Seneshal's chamber. After trading blows, the Seneshal teleports away to find the Magister.

Faced with a wall, Grognak attempts to make his own way through it. He succeeds to break a hole large enough for Nicoli to squeeze through, which the faery does with ease. The orc puts is shoulder into the wall badly and dislocates it. On the other side of the wall Nicoli slides across a table from the hole in the wall to see the Magister. He speaks something and the faery's world turns dark and painful.

Mosa and Tweaks continue to the front encountering a large bedchamber and the Seneshal. The warrior's armour and skill are pressed to defend against the two attackers. Tesyble launches psychic strikes through the minds in the net as Mosa sends throwing stars at his face. Tweaks is a blurr of clockwork which destroy the Seneshal's shield in seconds.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 03

We spend a good while in the lounge car drinking, chatting and whatnot. Rusty suggests a mobile deep-fryer, which I could easily weaponize, and we work on some blueprints. As the evening wears on, we overhear the neighboring table's conversation regarding a resident ghost on the train. Word has it that the apparition can be heard on the observation car in the late hours of night.

Of course we decide to investigate, most of us at least. While the others squeezed though the galley, I chose the alternative route up top. Keeping low, which is quite easy given my stature, I find I can make quick progress across the car roofs. In my over-confidence I land a bit heavily upon the observation car's top window. With a gnomish curse on my lips I will it to undo, and to my amazement, it does. I will make a note to learn more of the ability which I seem to have.

This observation car is much like the one on the previous train and sits back in second class. I sit and light up a new smoke while collecting my thoughts. Through the haze I take a second look around the car. Using the smoke like a pigment upon the canvas of the train car. Secrets are revealed to me in wraithlike forms. And it tastes wonderful.

I learn that the spirit (or shadow) manifests during a brief time at dawn. During this time she weeps softly and is of no threat to anyone. I think she is afflicted with a kind of sorrow or mourning, and one can tell that psychology is not my prime lore. I inform those with me and recommend we sleep off some of our spirits, especially Seth, and return later.

We are returning when someone thinks of the problem of waking at the right hour, this problem I know I can solve. Reaching my quarters, where my bitz and gubbins are kept, I begin work upon a new device. After an hour I have am alarm chime. The timer is turned to the desired amount of minutes or hours. When the time runs out a small hammer will hit a couple resonant bars. The alarm will continue to chime until turned off or when it winds down.

An hour before dawn I am awoken by my alarm chime and proceed to gather other volunteers. We return to the observation car with some time to spare so I roll an anticipatory smoke. As twilight sets in a faint weeping is heard near the from of the car. I light my smoke and proceed behind Bim with Seth. Hoping that my smoke would give her (it sounded like a her) form I blow it in her direction. It gathers in the seat and we can see someone by a wavering outline. Bim sits beside the half-form with a careful slowness and gently asks if she is ok. She seems not to notice and continues to weep. We pause uncertainly and a beam of the sunlight reaches through the window and with the rising of the sun, she is gone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Mages can take multiple talents depending upon their mage source, but not all do. Some prefer to stick to a single talent which can make them more powerful but less versatile. Also, many have noticed the lack of the 'feeding' abilities in the new book, this was intentional as such abilities come at a price. Specialists gain the feed ability (if there is one for their talent), or it can be purchased as an other power. Specialists also gain additional abilities and cost reductions depending on their specialization. Becoming a specialist is an additional cost when purchasing a mage level (much like selecting an additional talent).

A mage who specializes in a single talent will become far more skilled with their power. Mastering a single talent is far easier, as is gaining immunities to it. Some specialists have access to abilities exclusive to them.

Becoming a Specialist: A victim may spend an additional 5 xp when purchasing a mage level to become a specialist. The victim's mage source is not altered in any way, simply note that the victim is a specialist.

Benefits: Mastery (see 'Other Powers – Book of Tools') costs 2 points less and the stat costs are removed. Additional benefits are based upon talent;

Restrictions: A specialist may only have access to a single talent and no further talents may be purchased. A victim cannot become a specialist if they have access to more than one talent.

Air – Elemental Immunity (air)* costs 3 less, add aeromancy modifier to Fl Dex (augmented), Feed (air)#.

Earth – Elemental Immunity (earth)* costs 3 less, add geomancy modifier to soak and Stm checks, Feed (earth)#.

Fire – Elemental Immunity (fire)* costs 3 less, add mage level to MS, Feed (fire)#.

Water – Elemental Immunity (water)* costs 4 less, Waterbreath* costs 5 less, add mage level to one check or war per day, Feed (water)#.

Aether – Elemental Immunity (aether)* costs 3 less, Regenerate (mutation) costs 4 less, K.O. (hand to hand), Feed (aether)#.

Death – Soul Thief* costs 2 less, Hard to Kill* costs 2 less, add necromancy modifier to all regular damage, Feed (death)#.

Famine – Mind Over Body costs 2 less, Hard to Kill* costs 2 less, Magical Resistance* costs 2 less, any attack made by the victim has a K.O. modifier equal to the victim's cryomancy modifier.

Pestilence – Victim's App is negatively modified by their mage level, add cadramancy modifier to all disease and narcotic based rolls (in favor of the disease or narcotic), Appetite Magic and Faith* each cost 2 less, Feed (pestilence)#.

War – Discord* costs 3 less (and may be taken regardless of race), Gaze of Petrification* costs 3 less, Mind Over Body* costs 2 less, add psychomancy modifier to Chr (augmented), Feed (war)#.

Chronomancy – Add mage level to initiative, one reroll per day (per mage level).

Divination – Add scry modifier to dodge and Per (augmented), add mage level to MS.

Dream – Add mage level to K.O. checks, Magical Resistance* and Countercaster* costs 2 less, Feed (dream)#.

Illusion – Add mage level to stealth and App (augmented), Gaze of Petrification* costs 3 less.

Summoning - Add mage level to command, Animal Friendship* costs 2 less, Teleportation#.

*These refer to abilities from 'Other Powers – The Book of Tools' in the Zero Terminus.
#These refer to abilities from 'Other Powers – The Book of Tools' in the Survival Guide.

Feed Cost: 6
The victim has learned to feed upon the energies that they practice. A victim may replenish pool whenever the reuirements are met but cannot excede maximum pool. A victim must select which talent they feed from, which they have access to.

All – Casting (1 mana for each use of power that uses a like mana source).
Air – During high winds (d10 mana per round).
Earth – During eathquakes (d10x10).
Fire -Near flame (1 mana per round), near large fire (d10 mana per round).
Water – In open waters (1 per round).
Aether – Electric fields (equal to Str of field or d10 per round).
Death – Near death (mana replenished equal to CL of dying).
Pestilence – Near disease (1 mana per round, per infected).
War – Disputes (1 mana per round), conflict (d10 mana per round).
Dream – Near sleepers (1 mana per round, per sleeper).

Until next round...>

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Thaxean

My name is Thaxean, although I have had many others. I travel what is known as the Fifth dominion, Earth as the mortals call it. I have traveled for longer than I can recall, I dimly remember the War and its aftermath. It was the aftermath which brought out my inner nature, before that I looked like the rest of the humans. I stand just over seven feet, I see with green hued eyes, my skin is grey and I grow thin spines where hair would be. At the moment I find myself in Victoria.

I am a musician, by trade or design, so one could imagine my anger when the WTF! show was delayed. It seemed that their current dj/drummer had some kind of misfortune regarding a sport car and a frigate. That was ok, I don't really like sequencers, but they were having auditions.

The address was a rental, pretty low-key with a waiting room full of chumps. Rayne, the pretty elven keyboard player, was heading the audition. I introduced myself and set up. Fresh out, my first attempt was marginal, but she seemed to like it. On the do-over my skills were much more obvious, I was hired on the spot.

The I Am Awesome And You Are Not II was in harbour under repair. It seemed that someone blew a big hole in the side. I got the standard tour, everything was as it looks in the video clips, it was a party ship. The topic of the first dj came up, and that Tzak had a number of followers onboard forming a cult. Tzak was the original source for the sampled Nek-Ra prayers of the early songs.

The chapel was set up according to tradition, a place where the Unkind One dominated all senses. This chapel was a personalized affair, being built by a small army of punks and masterminded by a madman. I met with their current preacher of no clergy rank. He told me how this place was held together by Pipe Wrench (who I could not locate) and the preacher. He also told me of the library they had. I thanked him and tithed an old hymnal.

It appeared that this cult believed that Nek-Ra would send Tzak back to lead them. After the next sermon I made my attempt to seize control of the cult. I told them of how I was sent from the Kingdom, shunned, and forced to walk the Earth. I spoke of how Nek-Ra did not shun me, of how his gaze was attained by sacrifice, and with his gaze was power.

The body of Tzak's zombeast was assembled standing guard over the chapel. I reached out with incantations of the Unkind and returned unlife to the creature. The rapt horror of my desecration and ability had sealed my control over them. My pilgrims now understood that I was chosen by Nek-Ra.

Transcendence (Blog 7)

A cargo truck pulls down the access road beside the Tower of Stars and a shot is fired. The front grav-plate of the truck blows out and it comes to a stop several meters away from the loading bay. Walking up to the truck, Mikah asks the driver if he is in need of help. Staying in the truck he asks what the damage is and curses his answer. He waves Mikah off and tries to park the truck anyway. Zechs fires a second shot and the rear grav-plate explodes. Mikah sends a command to the guard's mind. Entering the loading bay, the truck runs over a railing, and it gets stuck. Stumbling, the guard exits the truck and begins to remove his clothes. His head explodes.

Craxxx arrives at the university in Felisce's dented car where Kaci is perched on top of an unconscious form. They put the body into the trunk and Craxxx tries to update her the best a battery-powered pixie can. Along the way to the Tower off Stars, Craxxx stops to pick up Alias from a coffee shop. The trio enter the building with Craxxx on watch while Alias scanned the wireless bands for signs of the others. This left Kaci to ask around. They found their way to floor 33 and eventually to docking bay 19 which sat empty. Empty-handed, they went to the Lunar Ring's plaza to think things through.

Zyreal wandered the ship, randomly picking floors until reaching the main lounge. While asking directions, he is introduced to Nova, the ship's sim. Reaching the navigation deck, he speaks to the captain and takes a crew placement test. After testing, he is assigned to shuttle operations.

The Nova Invisce sided up beside a passing comet. Cypress, having already taken is placement test, receives his gelsuit who briefs him regarding his first spacewalk. He is to plant several ties into the comet ice while it is cut by others wielding ice-torches. The slabs of ice are taken to the ship, via shuttle, and processed for the upcoming voyage.

In the plaza Alias orders an extra glass of elven wine after a strange phone call. Elsewhere on the Lunar Ring, Zechs encounters Felisce and the two have much to talk about. The griffon tells the elf of what has happened, up to Mikah escorting the package in to the Nova Invisce where he lost contact with him on floor 33.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 02

Upon leaving the comfort of the train and assembling our belongings we inquired about our next fares. Selecting the evening train, we each purchased first class tickets, as this would be a long ride. Be comfortable when possible I say.

Entering town, we visited some of the local merchants for supplies, weapons and material. We checked upon the package to make sure we could pick it up on time then proceeded to a conveniently located tavern next door. Now tipsy, Rusty, Seth and I assembled the folding trailer. We were off to another tavern, with nice dancing women, and had more liquor. With hours to spare, we headed for the beach.

Since the first tavern, an elven woman has joined us. I was first alerted to her by my smoke. She, a traveler, has offered to join us. I wonder how much a person "in acquisitions" can offer our group, but they agree to let her join.

We pick up the package and board the train. As the train pulls forward, dinner is served.

The 0ld 0rder - Assyria

The day after the battle Grognak returned to the ship with Ta. He seemed slightly different and definitely alive. Across his chest he wore the scars which had killed him. The party was glad to have him back, and a little curious how.

At breakfast, Ta paid the group (mostly to silence their complaints) and recommended them to purchase any supplies they required. Ta explained how he would need most of the day to find a way around the wardings that protected the wagons. That evening they would make their attempt to enter.

At sundown they returned to the ship to prepare. Ta supplied each of the party with a potion, blessed by Ra, which would get them through the wardings. Grognak, using Tesyble's telepathy to stay in contact, scouted around the trio of wagons. Hours before midnight a signal was sent around to the caravan workers who began to make ready.