Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 7)

A cargo truck pulls down the access road beside the Tower of Stars and a shot is fired. The front grav-plate of the truck blows out and it comes to a stop several meters away from the loading bay. Walking up to the truck, Mikah asks the driver if he is in need of help. Staying in the truck he asks what the damage is and curses his answer. He waves Mikah off and tries to park the truck anyway. Zechs fires a second shot and the rear grav-plate explodes. Mikah sends a command to the guard's mind. Entering the loading bay, the truck runs over a railing, and it gets stuck. Stumbling, the guard exits the truck and begins to remove his clothes. His head explodes.

Craxxx arrives at the university in Felisce's dented car where Kaci is perched on top of an unconscious form. They put the body into the trunk and Craxxx tries to update her the best a battery-powered pixie can. Along the way to the Tower off Stars, Craxxx stops to pick up Alias from a coffee shop. The trio enter the building with Craxxx on watch while Alias scanned the wireless bands for signs of the others. This left Kaci to ask around. They found their way to floor 33 and eventually to docking bay 19 which sat empty. Empty-handed, they went to the Lunar Ring's plaza to think things through.

Zyreal wandered the ship, randomly picking floors until reaching the main lounge. While asking directions, he is introduced to Nova, the ship's sim. Reaching the navigation deck, he speaks to the captain and takes a crew placement test. After testing, he is assigned to shuttle operations.

The Nova Invisce sided up beside a passing comet. Cypress, having already taken is placement test, receives his gelsuit who briefs him regarding his first spacewalk. He is to plant several ties into the comet ice while it is cut by others wielding ice-torches. The slabs of ice are taken to the ship, via shuttle, and processed for the upcoming voyage.

In the plaza Alias orders an extra glass of elven wine after a strange phone call. Elsewhere on the Lunar Ring, Zechs encounters Felisce and the two have much to talk about. The griffon tells the elf of what has happened, up to Mikah escorting the package in to the Nova Invisce where he lost contact with him on floor 33.
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