Monday, March 26, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 8)

Zechs and Felisce met up with Craxxx, Kacy and Alias on the Lunar Plaza. The Nova Invisce was four hour ahead of them, accelerating towards the Belt. In order to catch up with the starship they would need to charter something smaller and faster like an in-system transport. Docked to the Lunar Ring, only one charter vessel was ready to go, the Tali.

Tali was a small but fast in-system ship piloted by a Cephylim named Kith. It was one of the handful of chartered passenger vessels often referred to as 'cabs'. Kith had the job because it provided an opportunity to have a ship of his own (after five Jovian years of service). This group of travelers looked to be mercs, which would likely mean some repairs and good pay.

In the storage bay of the Nova Invisce the stasis field deactivates and two crewmen enter supported by a guard droid. They proceed down the center scanning each crate, a redundant check before inter-system jumps. Mikah runs to a maintenance hatch and wrenches it open. He leaves his bike in the storage bay, but keeps his simdroid, Gat, with him. They make their way to another hatch which leads out into the biosphere, an on-ship park, there he rests.

Elsewhere on board Zyreal seeks out the labs while Cypress goes to the lounge to eat. In the labs, Zyreal fuses two pistols into one multi-shot weapon and tests it out on the range. After this, he goes to rest in a cryochamber. Gat uses the ship's wireless network to help Mikah find the lounge. She also finds Cypress who is fast asleep halfway through his steaks. The ship begins to accelerate faster inching its way towards lightspeed.

Kith notices the other ship accelerating and pushes Tali harder. Gee forces inside the small ship double what the crew is used to, but it is still within tolerable limits. As they approach the larger ship opens communications. Hearing of who wishes aboard, the larger ship invites them into its shuttle bay.

As Kith is making his approach, the Nova Invisce throttles forward which threatens to pull the other ship into its backwash. The Cephylim curses and pulls into the bigger ship which was still accelerating. Tali crash-lands and sinks its landing hooks into the skin of the other vessel. With a outline of a plan, Felicse summons Alias, Kacy and Zechs to the other ship.

The trio is sent to Mikah's location, who is also with Cypress. The two of them were put into the brig when the communication between ships went sour. Alias uses his chronomancy to 'rewind' the energy field keeping them imprisoned. They begin to search the brig, first finding guards they meet with gunfire, explosions and blades. Further down the hall they also find Zyreal, unconscious from successfully breaking through the barrier.

The Nova Invisce hits the smaller ship clinging to it with its short ranged lasers followed by a tow line. Tali is swept alongside as the larger ship continues to increase speed. The smaller ship expresses the danger of accelerating past its stable limits. Kith tries the only option left, he flies the ship into the shuttle bay. The ship breaks through the energy field and into the bay scattering the smaller shuttles aside. With landing hooks extended, the ship comes to a screeching halt at the far end of the bay.

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