Monday, March 5, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - Assyria

The day after the battle Grognak returned to the ship with Ta. He seemed slightly different and definitely alive. Across his chest he wore the scars which had killed him. The party was glad to have him back, and a little curious how.

At breakfast, Ta paid the group (mostly to silence their complaints) and recommended them to purchase any supplies they required. Ta explained how he would need most of the day to find a way around the wardings that protected the wagons. That evening they would make their attempt to enter.

At sundown they returned to the ship to prepare. Ta supplied each of the party with a potion, blessed by Ra, which would get them through the wardings. Grognak, using Tesyble's telepathy to stay in contact, scouted around the trio of wagons. Hours before midnight a signal was sent around to the caravan workers who began to make ready.
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