Monday, March 5, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 02

Upon leaving the comfort of the train and assembling our belongings we inquired about our next fares. Selecting the evening train, we each purchased first class tickets, as this would be a long ride. Be comfortable when possible I say.

Entering town, we visited some of the local merchants for supplies, weapons and material. We checked upon the package to make sure we could pick it up on time then proceeded to a conveniently located tavern next door. Now tipsy, Rusty, Seth and I assembled the folding trailer. We were off to another tavern, with nice dancing women, and had more liquor. With hours to spare, we headed for the beach.

Since the first tavern, an elven woman has joined us. I was first alerted to her by my smoke. She, a traveler, has offered to join us. I wonder how much a person "in acquisitions" can offer our group, but they agree to let her join.

We pick up the package and board the train. As the train pulls forward, dinner is served.
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