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Pigs, Monkeys, Squid and Nightmares

As Transcendence reaches nearspace more races are being encountered. There are also other races who don't appear in the Zero Terminus book who are an uncommon sight. Protoforms (hyper-evolved animals) and Cephylim (alien squid beings) are exclusive to the Fifth, both races inhabiting colonies in nearspace. Griffins, Blessedm'n (and their dark kin, Terrors) and the Nosferatu are an uncommon sight in all the dominions.


A protoform animal has had its DNA altered to artificially advance a species to higher intelligence levels. The protoform project first began within Syberian bunker-labs during the Ice. Some of the attempts were a success, while most others were failures. The lab was later found by Asian agents and the data recovered. Within a short time, during 2aw, protoform primates were successfully created. Most corperations treat protoforms equally, but they unerve society at a moral level. The majority are employed in Nearspace projects such as the Lunar Ring and Titan.

Subrace: All protoforms must select one of the following subraces; Ape, Chimp or Hog.


Ape; d10, +5 Str, -2 Wis, -2 Int.

Chimp; +5 Dex, +2 Str, -2 Chr, -2 Man.

Hog; +2 Str, +2 Per, -2 Int.

Size/Mortality: Normal, mortal.

Starting Languages: Wild, one regional.


The Cephilym race resides in a system near Earth with a colony within Jupiter. They are squid-like in appearance with a triangular body/head assisted by many tenticles. Some of these limbs are used for movement and manipulation and others are more specialized for sensory imput. Their bodies are extremely resilient and can live in human conditions with only a rebreather. Cephilym cannot speak, other than telepathically, but do have a written language.

Stats: d10, +5 Stm, +2 Per.

Bonuses: Telepathy, Pressurized skin (mutation)

Size/Mortality: Small, mortal.

CL Adjustment: +1.

Starting Languages: Cephilym.


When a mortal visits Quiddity it can result in a hybrid of dream and flesh. These beings are known as blessedm'n, for they have many unique and unusual qualities. When a blessedm'n reaches maturity they are given a choice between staying in Quiddity or to travel the dominions.

Stats: 2d10

Bonuses: Ten mutation points during victim creation.

Restrections: May only purchase Rahk, the Art or nature as a priest source. May not purchase mutation points after victim creation.

Mortality: Immortal.

Starting Languages: Any two.


Very rarely, a child is born from a nightmare. The Dark Blessedm'n, or Terrors, are very simular to their kin, but deviate in their theological cores. These are the blighted childeren of fear, the tormented tourmenters.

Stats: 2d10

Bonuses: When purchasing a level, Dark Blessedm'n gain 5 mutation points. Five bonus mutation points during victim creation.

Restrictions: May only select Chaos, Rakh or Denial as a priest source.

XP Pen: +10.

Mortality: Immortal.

Starting Languages: Any two.


Griffons are a combination of large feline and eagle. They are usually quite intelligent and social creatures while spending time outside settlements in the wilds.

Stats: d10, Fl Dex, +2 Int.

Bonuses: Darkvision, +1 to any one stat each level, changeform (humanoid).

Size/Mortality: Big, mortal.

XP Penalty: +5.

Starting Languages: One regional, Wild, one other.


A nosferatu is a type of vampire who feeds upon the will and resolve of thier victims. With the gift of immortality, they are cursed with a weakness to fire. They are uncommon in undead society, with members of the bloodline placed in each population. Due to not consuming material, they take on a gaunt and emaciated appearance.

Becoming Nosferatu:

Upon the death of a mortal, a nosferatu can transfer thier prayer into the deceased. The target will replenish one wound for each prayer transferred this way. If the target's wound pool is full they gain the nosferatu subrace.

Bonuses: Appitite; faith, wraithtouch, (see 'Other Powers, Book of Tools', Zero Terminus). A nosferatu meets any requirement regarding undying.

Wound Pool: A nosferatu does not replenish wounds when resting.

Weakness (Fire): A nosferatu may never buy elemenal immunity (fire). All burning, fire and flame based damage (including unsoakable) is doubled against a nosferatu. May not select fire as a talent or use flame as a discipline.

Mortality: Immortal.

Until next round, be well.
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