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Mages can take multiple talents depending upon their mage source, but not all do. Some prefer to stick to a single talent which can make them more powerful but less versatile. Also, many have noticed the lack of the 'feeding' abilities in the new book, this was intentional as such abilities come at a price. Specialists gain the feed ability (if there is one for their talent), or it can be purchased as an other power. Specialists also gain additional abilities and cost reductions depending on their specialization. Becoming a specialist is an additional cost when purchasing a mage level (much like selecting an additional talent).

A mage who specializes in a single talent will become far more skilled with their power. Mastering a single talent is far easier, as is gaining immunities to it. Some specialists have access to abilities exclusive to them.

Becoming a Specialist: A victim may spend an additional 5 xp when purchasing a mage level to become a specialist. The victim's mage source is not altered in any way, simply note that the victim is a specialist.

Benefits: Mastery (see 'Other Powers – Book of Tools') costs 2 points less and the stat costs are removed. Additional benefits are based upon talent;

Restrictions: A specialist may only have access to a single talent and no further talents may be purchased. A victim cannot become a specialist if they have access to more than one talent.

Air – Elemental Immunity (air)* costs 3 less, add aeromancy modifier to Fl Dex (augmented), Feed (air)#.

Earth – Elemental Immunity (earth)* costs 3 less, add geomancy modifier to soak and Stm checks, Feed (earth)#.

Fire – Elemental Immunity (fire)* costs 3 less, add mage level to MS, Feed (fire)#.

Water – Elemental Immunity (water)* costs 4 less, Waterbreath* costs 5 less, add mage level to one check or war per day, Feed (water)#.

Aether – Elemental Immunity (aether)* costs 3 less, Regenerate (mutation) costs 4 less, K.O. (hand to hand), Feed (aether)#.

Death – Soul Thief* costs 2 less, Hard to Kill* costs 2 less, add necromancy modifier to all regular damage, Feed (death)#.

Famine – Mind Over Body costs 2 less, Hard to Kill* costs 2 less, Magical Resistance* costs 2 less, any attack made by the victim has a K.O. modifier equal to the victim's cryomancy modifier.

Pestilence – Victim's App is negatively modified by their mage level, add cadramancy modifier to all disease and narcotic based rolls (in favor of the disease or narcotic), Appetite Magic and Faith* each cost 2 less, Feed (pestilence)#.

War – Discord* costs 3 less (and may be taken regardless of race), Gaze of Petrification* costs 3 less, Mind Over Body* costs 2 less, add psychomancy modifier to Chr (augmented), Feed (war)#.

Chronomancy – Add mage level to initiative, one reroll per day (per mage level).

Divination – Add scry modifier to dodge and Per (augmented), add mage level to MS.

Dream – Add mage level to K.O. checks, Magical Resistance* and Countercaster* costs 2 less, Feed (dream)#.

Illusion – Add mage level to stealth and App (augmented), Gaze of Petrification* costs 3 less.

Summoning - Add mage level to command, Animal Friendship* costs 2 less, Teleportation#.

*These refer to abilities from 'Other Powers – The Book of Tools' in the Zero Terminus.
#These refer to abilities from 'Other Powers – The Book of Tools' in the Survival Guide.

Feed Cost: 6
The victim has learned to feed upon the energies that they practice. A victim may replenish pool whenever the reuirements are met but cannot excede maximum pool. A victim must select which talent they feed from, which they have access to.

All – Casting (1 mana for each use of power that uses a like mana source).
Air – During high winds (d10 mana per round).
Earth – During eathquakes (d10x10).
Fire -Near flame (1 mana per round), near large fire (d10 mana per round).
Water – In open waters (1 per round).
Aether – Electric fields (equal to Str of field or d10 per round).
Death – Near death (mana replenished equal to CL of dying).
Pestilence – Near disease (1 mana per round, per infected).
War – Disputes (1 mana per round), conflict (d10 mana per round).
Dream – Near sleepers (1 mana per round, per sleeper).

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