Monday, February 27, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 6)

Much has happened since the last post, there are old and new victims, and the Cult of the Purple Glove is about to strike.

Argon, who once carried the Mask of Cypres, awoke in the bus as it was filling with water. The bus, with him sleeping within, had been hijacked and steered into the Gorge. The hijacker also carried a bomb, which exploded shortly after Argon's escape. Argon was still within the blast radius and was shredded by shrapnel.

As the bus was entering the Gorge, Zechs and Mikah were under fire in a parking lot. Through the inventive use of grenades and sniping the ambushers either fled or died. With this lead useless, the pair was sent to the Tower of the Stars. The two stolen masks were in that area, according to Damien, stealth was advised.

Hours later, Zyreal and Craxx arrived at the scene, shortly followed by Rock. Rock and Zyreal attempted to collect the pieces of Argon from the syrupy water. With most of his body in a dufflebag in the trunk, the trio drove to the Tower of the Stars to investigate the disappearance of a couple of associates.

Rock and Zyreal found their way inside and located the last known place of the masks through scrying and questioning the lobby staff. It appeared that the masks were cargobound for Docking Bay 19. On the 33rd floor, they were directed to a portal which led to Docking Bay 19. Unknown to them, Docking Bay 19 was located on the Lunar Ring.

Cypress had awoken in yet another strange place, and looking outside through a small window he could see Earth. He questioned a flex screen to find out he was upon the Lunar Ring in orbit around the Moon. Seeking out a cafeteria to find food and make sense things, a man approached him with a job offer, it seemed that he was in the business of transporting cargo, to which Cypress agreed.

Upon his way to the Nova Invisce, a docked starship, Cypress was spotted by Rock and Zyreal. The two of them followed, attempting to catch up, finding themselves also upon the ship. Gravity lessened slightly and they were free of the docking bay.

All this time, Kacy was progressing upon the task of research in UVic. With her task nearly done she is alerted by a van which is missing most of its side. A figure drops out and staggers towards her. Shooting him with a tempest pistol she immobilizes him and calls in for a pick-up.

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