Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 0ld 0rder - Where it is now

They spotted the legbone being carried into Assyria, a priest of their mage-god was escorting it. By the time they reached the city the priest's group had split up to visit several merchants and possible alchemists. Down at the mage-god's temple, the priest was found upon a stretcher, dead. Through the ability to scry, they became aware of the legbone being at a certain tavern.

Nothing within the tavern seemed amiss, but outside a strange bonfire was lit. The swirling vortex of flame was clearly visible as they approached. It burned within a triangle made of large wagons and many intoxicated slaves dance feverishly around it. As it reached a crescendo, the flames died and the slaves were consumed. Within the pyre a man was transformed into a daemonspawn.

They fought with the Amon-Kaa which was greater than any one of them and a servant of Aten's fury. The daemonspawn eviscerated Grognak after the orc had skewered it with a javelin. Poison darts eventually brought the thing down. As the daemon left its host it released a blast of death energy as a final act of spite.

The party, bleeding and bruised, collected themselves. The wounded were stabilized, Mosa and Nicoli in particular, but there was little anyone could do for Grognak. Tweaks, in an attempt to rebuild the orc, had fused what remained of him to the vessel's corpse. Ta sent the others back to the ship to rest, while he took Grognak's body to the Temple of the Sun.
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