Monday, February 20, 2012

Wyndspring's Log - 01

Our train arrived in Sicily this morning, which heralds the true beginning of my first official contract. These trains are a fascinating way to travel, sometimes hazardous, but much easier than the trail. My contract consists of escorting a package from here to the College Magica, a week's travel on train plus a couple days on the trail. As the representative of the Merchant's Guild, it is my duty to ensure everything goes smoothly.

For this endeavor a party, of sorts, has been gathered of varied kind. Miraculously, or possibly by an unseen hand, this auspicious group was found at a single tavern. Seth, a human/lupine shapechanger, has quite the taste for tinkering as well as combat. With us is a very well groomed minotaur by the name of Bim, and a self aware geological construct (also lupine) called Marmite. Scotch Rustbeard is our dwarven cook augmented by clockwork.

We intend to spend the day in town, and the night in a tavern. By morning we should be trainbound again.
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