Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transcendence (Blog 10)

The defense turret spits energy bolts at the escapees as they try to climb the service shaft.  The bolts are of the tempest variety, which cause feedback through the nervous system when they hit.  Those hit by bolts are knocked back down to the field.  They fire back which provokes the turret to broaden its shots into blast shots before being blasted apart.

Near the shuttle bay Rock tries to help the unconscious Kith.  Once back to the ship, Felisce updates Rock about the rest of the party.  Once Kith comes to, they use the Tali to hack into the Nova Invisce.  They find the area on lockdown with many more defense points in-between.  With haste, they reverse the lockdown command.

In the service tube the lights come on.  A single line is illuminated from within the wall running the course of the tunnel, as well as green lights above the hatches on each floor.  They climb faster, some using telekinetic flight.  Mikah locates the correct floor for the shuttle bay, still many floors above them.  The sound of rushing air, below them, begins to amplify.  Within seconds the air around them is like a hurricane forcing them back downward.

As they fall, Cypress gates them into dreamscape.

The Tali explodes with activity.  The party dropped off all sensors and telepathic networks.  Craxxx senses the spoor of Cypress' spell and curses.  Felisce orders the ship to depart.  Kith and Rock work to slow the Nova, then exit the shuttle bay.  Once the ship is decelerating on its own, Craxxx sends Kith and Rock into dreamscape to find the others.

Cypress loses control of the dream, and it shifts from his vision to Waker's Cove.  Still wounded and worn from the Nova, Mikah and Cypress try to rest.  As they fall asleep, they promptly disappear.  The rest of the party proceed down the beach towards a set of docks below a lighthouse.  They search the area, finding the river and then the temple.

Cypress and Mikah awake inside the temple's black stone.  Wandering its depths, Mikah loses track of Cypress but finds another traveler.  The blue robed stranger leads her outside to find the others.  Leaving only one behind, they awake on the Tali.
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