Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Runes Tunnel

Leaning over the hatch you search it for anything that might open it. As your hand traces the engraved rectangle it begins to glow with a bluish light. Pulling your hand away, you see a growing bar of light appear in the center of the rectangle. The bar of light stops and then disappears.

Runes appear in descending bars across the glowing rectangle. There are four of them, each containing a half-circle and a line in different positions. As the runes light up you have the distinct sensation of being watched. Looking around you can see nothing but steel in all directions, the city, tower and flame.

With a determined shrug you press one of the four runes at random.

The rectangle and its runes disappear.

A minute goes by and nothing happens. You reach out and touch the hatch again and the rectangle activates. The runes reappear.

You take a cursory glance around and press a different rune.

The rectangle disappears, and the hatch opens. A humming sound rises out of the hole vibrating the ladder attached to the side. It feels warmer down there compared to the cold of the surface. As you descend you find that the ladder is oddly proportioned, the rungs are too far apart.

The bottom is not far down, and upon reaching the tunnel floor, you hear the hatch slowly closing above you. The tunnel looks to be made of the same metal as the surface, with the walls curving up to the ceiling. One wall of the tunnel looks to be made of pulsating blue light. On closer inspection they are actually metal things, the height of the tunnel, speeding along a blue band of light.

Do you:
-Go towards the city.
-Go towards the tower.

This is a post in response to Porky's "Blogging Our Adventures", which is an amazing project so far. If you want to start at the beginning, or figure out what this is all about, click.

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