Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tsukino Con 2013

 Yeah, that's right, I went to an anime convention.  This year I only went for the Sunday due to real-life restrictions but it was completely worth it.  Other than the bag of swag from the vendors, it was mainly about well-dressed people.
 I did manage to sit in on two really good rpg panels.  The first was focused on GM tactics and equally informative as it was funny.  There were some really good ideas that came up, like adjusting things in the room to give the players associative senses.  Lighting and music are the easy ones, but bringing smells into the game can be a very powerful SL tool.  There was also some talk about "what to do about players" which always brings specific players to mind.
 The second panel was about inprov skills meeting the rpg world.  Improv actors are natural-born role-players and have some skills that gamers don't think of.  The "yes, and" game is the best example.  If a character decides to derail the plot, as a character you take it up and add something of your own.  Now there are two of you doing stuff, and more openings.  If you are the SL, you can take this new direction and use it to enforce the plot.  (Oh, you guys are going home instead of stopping the orc horde?  Fine, you see your town, burned down by an orc horde!)
 Next year I am planning for the three-day-tour....
Until next round.
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