Saturday, February 20, 2010

More (Part One): Things to Know

"The more you know..."
After digging around I noticed there are some things you victims do not have easy access to, such as the scribblings in my book. Giving you gremlins access to these things is part of what the blog is for. So, without further ranting, More Part One: Things to Know.


Leadership (Chr)
-This knowledge may be used to give orders and effect morale.

Scribe (Man) Sage Lore
-The victim may store a spell in the form of words or runes for an indefinite amount of time. The DoS of the spell is rolled (either a to hit total or check) as well as a scribe check. The created "scroll" may hold an amount of spell DoS equal to the scribe DoS (all excess is lost). The pool is spent at the time of creation and the "scroll" may be used by anyone. [SL's note: Your entries in your equipment for such a scroll would read something like; Scroll: Fireball, DoS 20+5*, Burns.]

Weapon Uses:

-This is the skill of deflecting, absorbing and minimizing damage. Add to all soaking rolls, except MS.

-The victim's reflexes are honed, allowing them to gain a head start on their opponents. Add the haste modifier to all initiative rolls. In the case of a tie, the victim with the highest Dex wins.

-The victim can learn to use a shield better for both blocking and parries. When using a shield, add the modifier to soak. A victim receives a free parry (which does not take up an action) with the shield for every five points in this weapon use.

Other Powers:

Baneshield (Undead Dominion or Soulthief)
-Cost: 4
-The victim accumulates a shield from the essence of their fallen foes. This shield is used the same as a regular shield and will take up one hand while being used. The baneshield recieves 1 point of Stm and 5 wounds each time the victim inflicts Final Death. The baneshield also regenerates one wound each hour out of combat.

Ricalope, SL.
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