Monday, February 1, 2010

Transcendence (Blog 2)

Celyne and Devo awaken alone under the temple with Mi. The undying child leads them up to the main concourse, during which he informs them that one of the guests who came to Dahl is Paw Gour and to be aware. The two of them search the temple for their patron deities, which leads them to tunnels enveloped in impenetrable shadow. Once through, they find themselves in a dense jungle. Their information scrolls (Dahl technology) informs them that they have "traveled" one third of the way around the planet. Attempts to contact the ambassadors only results with strange conversations with different aliens. Eventually they make their way to a town, continuously followed by draconic beings, and rented faulty transport. The transport dies as they make contact with one of the dragons, who informs them of its intent to follow them. They rest before continuing to the next town.
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