Monday, February 1, 2010

Transcendence (Blog 3)

Valis was awakened by the smell of Dyscathi's tea brewing on a small fire. Dyscathi leads the techpriest out of the temple, and to a laboratory. Already present are Dj Tech and Alias, who are already on the task of invention. They have been requested to modify Dahl technology to make devices to block scrying abilities, and they succeed by the next day. One is given to Valis for himself, and three are given to him to give to his companions. His transport, upon first look, appears to be a dragonfly, but upon closer inspection is a type of helicopter. Sitting in the pilot seat is the outcast pixie, Craxxx. Craxxx, in his fashion, then proceeds to collect scrapes and dents on their way out of the city.

Above the jungle, Cyline and Devo fly towards a mountain range followed from the shadows by a dragon. A storm builds ahead of them, so they adjust altitude to stay above it. The view treats them to a dangerous display of plasma fire dancing below them. The two of them spot the flyer ahead of them, Cyline attempting to contact the pilot with her mind. Craxxx promptly dives into the storm.

Upon the ground, they speak of the mission Dyscathi has given them which is to compare the Terran keystone with what might be the corresponding stone on Dahl. Valis gives each of them an "eye of closing", which he had worked upon in the city. They depart, and not long after Craxxx mangles the helicopter. Luckily, the machine could only hold a single pilot, and no one was hurt (bad).

Tiring of flight, they walk through the jungle, stopping fist due to a herd of insectiod beasts as tall as a man. The thousand of them shake the ground as they run from the predators who soon come into sight. They are called 'grinders' by those who know of them, and run in large packs. Each grinder has one set of legs, a set of clawed arms, and between them appendages which vent bioplasma in tight bursts. The party hides waiting until the herd and its antagonists pass by, but one grinder spots Valis. It begins to attack, digging and blasting armor, which they return in kind. By the time the herd had passed, the grinder lay dead.

Their armor had taken a beating, so they stopped for repairs using the carapace of the vanquished. The techpriest identified several metallic compounds in the creature's shell alone. They decide to rest the night, before which Devo attempts a healing spell to increase the benefits of sleep. Upon awakening mid-day, they realise they have no divine or mystical power, due to Devo's miscast. They travel for four hours, then rest again, travelling for another four hours until they begin looking for another place to rest. They come upon a square clearing in the jungle and make camp. Cyline, low on vitality, seduces Devo (quite easily) to sleep with her. After her first feeding he falls asleep, then in annoyance, does the same.

Awake, Valis spots a watcher across the clearing. Pointing it out, the others don't seem to mind, as long as he does nothing, so Craxxx makes breakfast. They eat their bacon as he drinks from his steaming mug. Cyline makes the attempt to contact him with telepathy, gift is his only reply, and he is gone. She then brings the "gift" to the camp with her telekinesis, Devo grabs them from the air. Cyline sees that they are Cypress' bracers which had been on his corpse. As she approaches, a trap door opens below Devo. Far below the party a great machine begins to cycle up.

Valis communes with the machine, asking it to open the door, but the machine spirit with becomes curious of him and he falls unconscious. Cyline blasts the trap door open, letting Devo out. They look to Valis' body to notice he too has fallen into a trap door. Cyline immediately blasts that door too.
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