Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Background on Descendence (Blog 0, Part One)

Thought I might give you all a brief description of these individuals I write about who fight in giant magical robots (called avatars). The avatars make up the elite of Myotis' army and are transported in massive zeppilins assisted with nodestones. The zeppilin which transports the unit known as Descendence is named the Night's Wrath.
Here are some of the avatars:

This is a "Succubus", a feminine avatar of elven design, which Karyssa pilots. Hers has been adapted to her role of mechanic (not shown) with a set of mechandrites and a stealth suit. She is also equipped with an avatar sized murgosh (dwarven weapon-tool).
Shown here is the dwarven "Anvil" avatar (with shield). The newcomer, Bron, pilots one that has been equipped with rock drills (as fists) and flight jets.
This is the Derekesti (dark elven) avatar that the despoilers are based on. (I just haven't drawn them yet...will try to work on that;)

And, The Cast:
*Those who are "victims"*

Karyssa Zalyth -> Waylander - Earth Fae - Forge Lord - Iron Mage
A Derekesti female who was orphaned at a very young age. Taken in by a dwarven smith named Phoebos Grudgebearer, Karyssa was raised as a dwarven child. She learned the ways of the anvil quickly, growing fond of the machinations her father made. When the call to arms was raised she became stationed on the Night's Wrath as the avatar mechanik.

Ronia, Aniu -> Duelist - Fire - Anubis - Iron Mage
Ronia was raised in the town of Jonas, until it was sacked by a raiding band from Hove. It was told that there was an "unholy taint" upon the town which needed to be cleansed. During her adolescence Ronia was subjected to the unkind questioning of the church. She sought refuge with the army of Myotis, climbing the ranks to avatar pilot, and recently the rank of Aniu (commander) of Descendence.

Bron Willis -> Duelist - *unsourced* - The Art - Iron Mage
Very little is known of Bron's past, other than he is from Murkgladden on the western end of Runes Island. He has no record with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and his clan is common in his homeland. At times, he seems more than just a Dwarf, with glowing eyes and radiating aura. Through his deeds at Jonas, Bron may be under the employ of Myotis.

Until Part Two,
Ricalope, SL.
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