Monday, February 1, 2010

Descendence (Blog 4)

Jauchec had gone back to his guild and hired the tracker he knew of and took him to the ruins of House Alaroth. The tracker then lead him into Jonas' underground tunnel networks. During their walk through the tunnels, Ezikiel introduces himself, and releases some of his knowledge of the family they seek. Ezekiel believes that the family hides within the keep. Jauchec continues to cast his stones through out the journey.

The Aniu, both Descendence' as well as the newly arrived garrison despoilers, meet at the North Gate and discuss a time for an inspection. The parade will be set hours before the Night's Wrath departs. Ronia then makes her final preparations for the captive nobility, sanding invites to the officers and Karyssa. During the pre-dinner festivities, a halfling merchant named John Johnson Glimmer identifies two Alaroths at the dinner in exchange for release. Ronia agrees to consider release once she is sure he speaks the truth.

Just before the main course, Jauchec and Ezekiel (smelling like the sewers) join them. During the meal, the two Alaroths are confirmed, they are siblings, the elder brother easily persuaded by gold, but the sister loud and opinionated. John all the while is pushing for his release, or at least into the courtyard, in quite the curious way, until the ceiling begins to cave in.

Two Hovian avatar detatchments force a wedge to the keep, the Lord of Light assaulting the dining hall directly and at speed. Half of the dinner guests are wounded or dead upon the first strike. Jauchec guns an avatar down, providing cover for the others to run, while grabbing the Alaroth girl. Bron shimmers to his avatar as Ronia, the other Alaroth in tow, and Karyssa run to their machines. The Lord of Light becomes engaged with Bron, his rock-drill fists destroying the golden engravings of his armor with every hit.

Ronia is followed by a Hovian to the keeps forge, Ronia manages to activate her machine before it arrives. The enemy machine rakes the forge with cannon fire before launching itself against Ronia. As the two cockpits slam into each other, the Hove pilot pulls a pistol and fires at Ronia, missing. Ronia impales him on her claymore.

In the courtyard, the combined garrison squadron and Descendence surround the Hovians, driving them back. Bron begins gaining an upper hand on the Lord of Light, who begins to pull back. The attackers activate arm-mounted tower shields and begin to form a circular phalanx. Once the sphere of shields is complete, a mass teleportation spell displaces them in a flash of light.

Ronia checks her prisoner, to find him dead, a gunshot wound to the head. The Alaroth girl, Elaine, is unharmed and angry. Although angered by her, they concede to the Emperor Myotis' request, and give her the idol.
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