Monday, February 1, 2010

Descendence (Blog 5)

Upon the Night's Wrath, Taul and Jauchec are given temporary command of the two captured battle cutters while the squadron prepares for inspection. Once the garrison force is assembled, Descendence drops from the zeppelin. The Rights of Command are transferred from Anui Ronia to Anui Gweneth, Gweneth is also given the sceptre of Jonas by the keep's head servant making her the official ruler of the city.

Anui Ronia declares a tournament, each squadron selects it's champions. Descendence is represented by Lilith, Beretolt, Thorig, Taul and finally Ronia. Descendence wins the aerial competition, due to the tireless efforts of Beretolt, their champion.

During this, Jauchec goes to the Bounty Hunter's guild to collect his bounty (for returning the idol). His paymaster suggests he depart with the Night's Wrath, he agrees.

After the tournament, Ronia goes to the Dragon's Scale to have a couple of free drinks, she encounters both Eziekiel and John Johnson inside. The Anui questions the halfling about his absence from the keep. Eziekiel answers for him, he had signed Ronia's name to authenticate his release, which does not sit well with Ronia. With suspicion in mind, she seeks solace at the chapel in the Night's Wrath, Jauchec joins her.

Karyssa makes one last visit to Jonas' forge before departure, and speaks with Tek Phleag, the dwarven mechanic for the garrison force. They talk of the avatar chamber, Karyssa agreeing to send transcripts of the books she is taking with her. Within this chamber, Phleag presents her with a golden token emblazoned with the Technocracy's seal. He explains to her that once she has acquired three of such tokens she can petition to join the sub-cult at any of the Great Forges. With thanks, she leaves for the zeppelin.

They encounter three Wyrm avatars, which are piloted by the necromancers of Myotis. As they approach, one of them reveals himself as Lord Faul. Ronia gives him a quick appraisal of the attack. Faul is pleased, except for the loss of Nau Fien. Upon his leave, he informs them he will be retuning to Tol Onas in three days.

Along the Night's Wrath's journey they come across a wildfire on the edge of the Living Wood, the avatars deploy to assist. Upon the ground they find the tree-ents attempting to contain the blaze. Koom approaches them, pointing out the Hovian bodies, full of mourning and anger. With the blaze contained, they continue to the fortress of Tol Onas.
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