Monday, February 1, 2010

Descendence (Blog 1)

On Runes Island, in the town of Jonas, in the kingdom of Hove, the war has started. A Myotis Zeppelin, the largest airship in the Nightlands, deposits it's cargo from a mountainous height. The cargo is a group of avatars, giant magically powered machines of war, of the Myotis despoiler variety. Despoilers, piloted by some of the battle-hungry soldiers of their empire, resemble the races who made them; tall elven forms. The descend upon the town at the command of Aniu-Ronia who's companions are Karyssa (an elven follower of the forge god and their Field mechanic) and a pixie named Nny. They attack the barracks first, disabling all opposing avatars in their path. With strength of numbers, they engage Jonas' defenses and take the keep. Nau Fein, the necromancer-emissary of the Emperor Myotis, honoured his duel with the Lord of Light, a champion of Hove. An ally is met in the courtyard, a dwarven fellow from the western end of the island named Bron Willis. The dwarf has an avatar of his own, and being a lover of battles, joins the assault. In the main keep the despoilers engage the Speaker (head councilman of Hovian government), who is suited in his avatar as well. The Speaker uses his Fire mastery to unleash an inferno upon the battle party, Bron pounds the Speaker to death with his rock drills. The Lord of Light defeats Nau Fein and collectcs the Hovian avatars, he and his knights lose contact with the telepathic signal of the Speaker and retreat from the city. For now, Jonas is in Myotis' hands.
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