Monday, February 1, 2010

Descendence (Blog 3)

As Ronia returns to the keep, she encounters Taul, her second in command. He reports to her of their victory over the Hovian picket, including the capture of two battle cutters. They had not encountered Nau Fein during the expedition. She excuses herself to the chambers she selected for herself, when Karyssa's wraith-squire approaches her with a request for help from its master. With a sigh, she leaves the keep towards the mill.

Jauchec awoke in a back alley not far from the town well to the sound of avatars coming into town. He had a hangover, but could dimly remember the bounty on the idol from the previous night. Consulting his scrying stones, he divined that the largest concentration of water was near the mill, he was aware of the idol's preferance for being near the substance, and headed towards it.

As Ronia was halfway across theupper gantry, below the mill, she heard the sounds of heavy armour flying towards her from behind. Turning she saw that it was Jauchec, she dived into what cover she had and attempted to quiet him. As quietly as they could they approached the end of the gantry, all the while watching the movement of the halflings below. The two of them meet with Karyssa and Bron, and while talking, a halfling spots the mechanic. As their discussion finishes, they notice the halflings have vacated the floor below them. They investigate below, finding the doors blocked with water barriers, and the rows of water silos empty.

Ronia is sends her squire for some army support and is the first to attempt to walk through the water and fails, Bron makes the attempt and succeedes, Karyssa steps through as well. Ronia and Jauchec, neither of whom can pass, attempt to curse the water with combined prayers. The water explodes tpwards them, knocking Ronia unconcious. While she is out, visions of an elven woman speaks to her of taking a gift away for turning from her light. The others try to help however they can, but Ronia's pulse slowly comes to a stop. She rises by the will of Annubus, without breath or pulse.

Beyond the water barrier there lie three double doors made of silver and gold, they are adroned with the ankh, or symbol of life. They choose the centre (with the aid of Karyssa's Worked stone) and begin to push upon them. Their combined strength breaks the silver holding bars allowing them access. Within the chamber is a collection of gold items, mostly rods and bars, illuminated by a gem, mounted upon the ceiling, that glows like daylight. The idol they seek is amid the horde, Jauchec takes the idol from the pile.

As they leave karyssa takes some of the gold, while Bron stays behind. "I will meet you topside," he says as he takes his shirt off to carry gold. Using a teleportation device (a shimmer) he manages to get two loads of gold to his avatar and the sunstone, by the time the rest of them get outside the mill. From there, they go to the keep. Ronia escorts Jauchec to the Night's Wrath, leaving the idol aboard for safe keeping. Moored to the zeppelin are the two captured battle cutters.

As the garrison forces arrive, they begin to look for the House Alaroth.
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