Monday, February 1, 2010

Descendence (Blog 2)

In Jonas, the occupation holds firm through the day, and at night the work begins. Patrols are checked by the Aniu while the mechanic attaches flight thrusters to Bron's avatar. A disturbence in the market draws the attention of most of the town. It seems that twelve civilians are being executed by small dark-robed entities, the same entities that had brought Nau Fein's broken avatar to the forge. The creatures bring an elemental being of necrotic flame onto the stage, which proceeds to immolate each of the prisoners. The elemental is then returned to the cart it came from which begins to travel to the keep. Fein staggers out of the cart, demanding company in the highest room of the keep, where a scrying stone had been found. Nau Fein brings Karyssa, Ronia, Bron and two bounty huntersinto an audience with Emperor Myotis. The Emperor commands them to find an idol and bring it to the family Alarath, exept Nau Fein who is sent to find the garrison army.
Ronia was offered a noble's gold to destroy the House of Alarath, the house itself was leveled in the invasion, anyone who is left is leaving in two days. As the night progresses, Bron and Karyssa reach a hidden complex below the mill in search of the idol. The complex seems to be operated by halflings, the idol being an effigy of a crocodile-headed would have been drawn by the massive vats of water here.
In the keep Ronia has begin setting the keep in motion. the staff (or what is left) is back to work, making a feast for the officers. The Aniu visits the nobles that are incarcerated and invites any of them to the feast, as long as they give the Empire what it desires.
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