Monday, February 1, 2010

Transcendence (Blog 5)

Upon awakening, Celyne seduces Devo again, feeding her lusthunger. Karyn agrees with Valis to lead them to the city of Sylba, which is centred on their target nexus point. Karyn answers their questions the best she can, it seems the Cyionics use a nexus generator to power the better part of the city and have named this point the Sylba Nexus. Karyn knows very little of other dominions, but attempts to give them useful information about the nexus.

Further along the tunnel-road they begin to see more pyramid clusters as they close in on the city. At this point Karyn informs them of two directions they may take. The first will take them along a direct course into the heart of the city. The second will take them past two temples, and is a longer route. They decide on the second route, as the two temples are in their interest, one of knowledge and the other draconic.

The first temple is devoted to a god named Sirus, a god of knowledge. As they enter, they are approached by a priest bearing a symbol of the Order upon one of his rings, who then leads them to a study room to talk. After they each activate their Eyes of Closing, he answers Celyne's questions about the order upon Dahl. Upon this planet the Order works in secret, the priest gives them addresses of arms dealers and safehouses they operate as well as the authorization codes to an aircraft to take them back to Dahl Prime. During their conversation Dyscathi's name is spoken, this has a profound effect upon the priest, who then exits immediately to "prepare". Questioning him as he leaves, the party learns scraps of information; Dyscathi's name in ancient Dahl texts, his connection to the spread of elves across the realms, Mi being the "Father". With some urgency, they leave the temple.

Further on, they approach an ancient temple carved from the rock itself. What they thought at first to be statues, reveal themselves as dragons, as they bar the great entrance way. Celyne and Valis are not permitted entry, but they are curious about Devo's claim that he is a dragon. They question, taunt, and insult the elven-looking sorcerer and eventually allow him access. Inside, Devo proceeds towards the altar dominating the mass hall. Almost immediately he is bombarded by fireballs of pure darkness. The darkness rips at his mind, as something inside of him pushes him forward.

As he crawls to the base of the altar a voice demands of him, "what is your name?" The first two times he answers his name hesitantly, and is told he is wrong and thrown into the stone walls. The third time he does not answer, and is thrown into the wall. The fourth time he stammers something, unintelligible. The draconic entity lifts Devo so he is facing a bowl of water, "look" he demands. Inside the water, Devo's bloodied face looks back at himself, while the ripples show him the face of a dragon. The water becomes darker, flickering between the two faces, blurring them together. The darkness surrounds his vision, and encompasses his utterly.

Devo's unconcious form slides out of the temple, Celyne, checking that he is ok, finds two minds within Devo. He arises, utter confusion in his thoughts. They continue to Sylba, taking refuge in one of the few boarding houses on the edge of town. As they approach, Valis' netscape form is hugged by Craxxx. It seems that his body is in the same stasis chamber as Valis' and that he had to "sneak" into the netscape in order to hide, it seems the Cyonics are not to friendly to pixies. With the party whole again, and Karyn gone, they rest.
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